Some Telfar Handbag Supporters Are Unhappy W/ New $500 Price Tag

Telfar Handbag Supporters Are Unhappy W/ New $500 Price Tag

Consumers are upset with the price of the latest Telfar handbag.

Black-owned luxury brand Telfar announced that its new Circle Bag retails for $567. The raised price sent admirers of the brand into an uproar.

Many argued that the price is unreasonable and unfair for a handbag that’s composed of faux leather. Others noted that the brand should stay true to its promise of affordability.

One user wrote:

How can you compare Telfar to longstanding brands like LV, Prada, blah blah blah.” Telfar can’t charge 500 for a bag because they aren’t some white European brand? Your “Yes, Massa!” side is showing yall smh #telfar.”

It’s crazy how people EXPECT #blackbrands to be affordable to them. This happened with #ivypark and with #Telfar The gag is, people are saying $600 is not affordable…. baby to YOU! Some people think a fully stocked refrigerator is a luxury, some people don’t consider it that.”

If y’all can spend $1000+ for Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci canvas then #Telfar is a bargain. #SupportBlackBusiness #SupportBlackDesigners.”

“Telfar charging $600 for a a purse thats not even leather is crazy as hell lmao ????”

“I feel like people are missing the point. They marketed themselves as a “working woman” and affordable brand-not a lot have the ability to drop $600 in one sitting. It will no longer be affordable to many working class women, but it’ll be available to a richer market.”

Y’all do know that with the competition of these high ass boutiques with wholesale items, to have a custom item tailored to your brand specifically, it shouldn’t be cheap. These large e-commerce got y’all thinking every brand should be cheap and it’s sad #Telfar.”

Comparing #Telfar to a luxury fashion house that’s been around since 1910 is nonsensical. Everything from production to their respective target audiences are vastly different.”

What’s really irking me about this $600 pleather #Telfar convo is that other brands have been selling “vegan” leather goods for $$$+ for forever and NO ONE bats an eye. Case and point Nanushka. Which you can purchase at all the luxury department stores and e-tailers.”

idc yall can’t really be mad #Telfar dropped a bag with a higher price ??? the signature bags are still the same… this is a whole new bag , and a whole new style… it’s black history month and y’all hatin on the black man??? WHERE IS HARRIET.”

“It really be your own people. A brand that actually cared about y’all?! Is raising it price on a bag that hasn’t even been out yet and yall complaining???? BABY DONT BUY IT??? #Telfar.”

To compare: the Telfar website lists 3 other handbags ranging from $150 to $257.

Telfar was established in 2005 by Liberian-American, Telfar Clemens. Clemens was attending Pace University when got the idea for Telfar.

The handbags that send social media into a frenzy today have been around since 2014. In the past few years, celebrities from Beyoncé to Oprah Winfrey have been seen sporting the bag.

The circle handbag has sold out.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya