Columbus Short Says He Feels More Famous For Being “An Alleged Abuser” Than For The Work He’s Done His Entire Career

Columbus Short Says He Feels More Famous For Being “An Alleged Abuser” Than For The Work He’s Done His Entire Career

Columbus Short is speaking about the impact domestic violence accusations has made on his life and career.

During a recent interview on the Fox talk-show Cocktails With Queens, 39-year-old actor Columbus Short says that the recent domestic violence altercation between he and his wife has caused him anxiety attacks, and that he now feels more famous for being “an alleged abuse” than he’s felt his entire entertainment career.

Columbus Short & Wife Aida Abramyan Short

Although Columbus Short has been a staple cast member of major Black culture movie productions such as Stomp The Yard and This Christmas, the Kansas City native says that he feels his domestic violence accusations have overshadowed all the work he’s put in his entire career.

During the interview, he was candid about experiencing anxiety due to he and his wife’s domestic altercation that took place last month on February 3rd.

Columbus explained that the altercation was blown up by the media and was not as bad as it seemed stating:

“Let me tell you what really happened. I asked my wife to leave the home due to my frustration, and I grabbed her phone which I shouldn’t have did, and I scratched her hand.” 

Columbus Short & Wife Aida Abramyan Short

He goes on to state that subsequently, the police were called and were very respectful to him, getting him through the arrest and release process fairly quickly.

The former Scandal star also touched on how incidents in his past relationship caused him to inappropriately react to his current one. If you recall, Columbus abruptly exited the hit ABC show starring Kerry Washington after his then wife, Brandi Short, made domestic violence accusations against him.

He stated:

“Every time a headline comes out I go into these panic attacks. So I’m like man, let me get out in front of this thing. I wasn’t advised to do that. I just did that. I think that wasn’t the best thing to do, but I said it. You know what? I stopped the press because they tucked that story.”

Columbus goes on to discuss how he now feels like he’s more famous for being an “alleged abuser” than he has been for all the work he’s put in over his stating:

“All of a sudden, I’m more famous being an alleged abuser than I am for the work I really put in my entire life.” 

You can watch the full interview below.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson