Jayda Cheaves Responds to Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Slim Danger After She Claims Jayda Knows She Slept With Lil Baby

Jayda Cheaves Responds to Chief Keef’s Baby Mama Slim Danger After She Claims Jayda Knows She Slept With Lil Baby

As if things weren’t already messy between Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby, it looks like another person has entered the mix!

Following the break up between Jayda and Lil Baby, Chief Keef’s baby mama, Slim Danger is now saying that she slept with the Atlanta rapper, which is the reason why he and Jayda Cheaves broke up. In a recent TikTok, Slim Danger showed a screenshot of her Instagram story views, claiming that Jayda viewed her story and that the two ladies are actually cool and have talked things out. She said,

“Ya’ll always talking about, ‘Slim caping, slim caping’. This is Jayda in my views. Me and her spoke to each other, we are cool. But part 2 [of the video] is coming.” 


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? original sound – Slim Danger

Jayda Cheaves quickly caught wind of Slim Danger’s video and shut down rumors of the two “knowing” each other. Jayda wrote in the comment section of the video,

“Girl I don’t Know you”

Jayda Cheaves

Slim Danger replied,

“Lil Baby do [kiss emoji]” 

Seemingly insinuating that she knows Lil Baby on an intimate level.

In a now deleted video, Slim Danger went a step further and insinuated that Jayda broke up with Lil Baby because the two allegedly slept together.

Slim Danger

This isn’t the first time Slim Danger has spoken out about men in the entertainment industry that she has been with.

Tristan Thompson

In December, she made a Tiktok video alleging that she met Tristan Thompson at a swingers party in Los Angeles and he paid her more than $15,000. In the video, she used a photo of Tristan as her green screen to indicate that he’s the man she’s describing. She then switches the green screen to a photo of, what she alleges to be, a check that Tristan wrote out to her.

She claimed:

“This man right here, yes, I met him at an L.A. swingers party. He paid me over $15,000 in cash and yes, yes, I was also paid to get rid of the baby. This right here is the check that was received just to have consultation. Just to talk to him before the $15,000 was even established.”


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? original sound – Slim Danger

Lil Baby has yet to comment on the rumor.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole