Sunny Hostin Confronts Howard Stern On ‘The View’ For Using The ‘N’ Word ‘A Lot’

Sunny Hostin, Howard Stern

Sunny Hostin Confronts Howard Stern On ‘The View’ For Using The ‘N’ Word ‘A Lot’ [VIDEO]

Sunny Hostin took Howard Stern’s appearance on ABC’s “The View” as the perfect opportunity to confront him about his racist jargon on his radio show, “The Howard Stern Show.”

While he was promoting his upcoming book Howard Stern Comes Again, Hostin unapologetically took things in a different direction.

“I was college in the 80s. I found your show so offensive. You were the shock jock. You used the N-word a lot.”

Stern quickly responded in an attempt to clear the air.

 “We had a guy on from the Ku Klux Klan who very freely used the N-word, and my belief was, ‘Hey, say it out in the open.’ I didn’t use the N-word, let’s be very clear. I make no apology for that becauseI don’t like people who live under a rock. I said to the guy, ‘Let me hear what you’re saying and let’s confront it and let’s talk about it.’”

While Stern said he didn’t use the word, there’s a vintage clip of his special, “Howard Stern’s New Year’s Rotten Eve 1994,” where he’s dressed in blackface as Ted Danson, and late comedian George Jefferson is dressed as Whoopi Goldberg, who ironically enough is currently a co-host on The View. Stern says the N-word multiple times and refers to Goldberg as a “smelly n***a” in the clip. Please note there is extremely offensive language.

While things got off to a rocky start between them, Hostin then said that it was his book that gave her a change of heart.

 “You’re a very different person today and I loved your book. I believe people evolve.”

Stern added,

“I’m not going to say the show isn’t crazy and wild. But we’ve also opened it up to some new ideas where people, some really fantastic people, are coming in and feel safe enough to be interviewed and get into some real conversation.”

Meanwhile, co-host Meghan McCain broke her silence and made her stance on the controversy known.

 “I grew up listening to you, Cindy McCain is my mother, I love the show forever. I was never offended.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson