Future Tweets Cryptic Messages About Ugly Women: Leave Them Alone! 


Future Tweets Cryptic Messages About Ugly Women: Leave Them Alone!

Rapper, Future, is back on Twitter with what seem to be cryptic messages amidst a pending lawsuit filed by his baby mama, Eliza Reign (real nameEliza Seraphin).  Eliza Reign is suing the rapper for slander and emotional distress.

No stranger to voicing what’s on his mind, Future, who recently celebrated his son, baby Future’s birthday, made his way to Twitter to post a series of more cryptic messages about ugly girls.  He writes,

“Leave them ugly girls alone…”

He continues,

“Dnt get high and treat a ugly girl pretty…HUGE MISTAKE”

Future also wrote,

“Ugly girls b in imaginary relationships”

Future tweets about ugly girls

One Twitter user wasn’t too pleased with Future’s sentiments.  @verytoughscene writes,

“The first time I heard Mr. Future insult heavyset women I literally sat and cried in my car for 45 minutes.  How can someone with so much influence over today’s youth be so cruel?  I refuse to be silent any longer!”

The same user continued,

“Future you’re almost 40 and you still act like a teenager.  It’s time to grow up and be a man.”

Future wasn’t finished, though.  He continued with his thoughts,

“U was really really lucky…RELAX”

He also stated,

“U crying over shoe money when u could’ve jus ask for it.  RELAX”

Followers of the rapper seemed to quickly pick up on whom he may be suggesting the tweets are for.  @jemarquezclark tweets a meme photo of Wendy Williams and writes,

“The girl whoever future is talking about gotta be at home making this face right now ready to fight.” 

Another user responds,

“It’s Eliza lmaoo”

Future’s continued rants seemed to imply that his advice was from his own experience.  He stated,

“U act jus like u look”


“Caught me slipping ok so what”

One Twitter user seemingly implies that Future’s latest rant comes as a result of Eliza winning in court.  She says,

“Eliza Reign must be eating future [expletive] up in court lmao.”

Now that their shared daughter, 1-year-old Reign, has been confirmed to be his child, hopefully the two of them can work things out peacefully.

Authored by: Robin Ayers