Latto Responds To Critics Telling Her To Be More Humble: Y’all Are Literally The Reason Why I’ll Never Stop Popping My Sh*t



Latto Responds To Critics Telling Her To Be More Humble: Y’all Are Literally The Reason Why I’ll Never Stop Popping My Sh*t

Latto, 23, isn’t going to let anyone take away her joy after recently making history!

Rapper Latto/Big Latto, real name Alyssa Stephens, recently fired off a series of tweets aimed at critics who had something negative to say following the success of her single “Big Energy.” This week, the Atlanta native’s breakthrough single “Big Energy” hit #1 on Pop radio. In addition to it being the rapper’s first #1 hit, she is the first female artist in 12 years to reach #1 at US Pop, Rhythm and Urban radio charts with the same song.

However, it appears not everyone is here for Latto’s climb to success. On Sunday (April 17), Latto took to Twitter to address a situation that appears to have stemmed from the celebration of her recent accomplishment. The tweets in question began after the rapper acknowledged the exciting news. She tweeted,

“Don’t talk to me about being humble God know my heart but he also know I’m from Atlanta and ima pop it EVERY TIME. I USED TO PRAY FOR TIMES LIKE THIS!!!!!!” 

Reflecting on her come up, Latto wrote,

“I got laughed at for having all “kid fans” I got laughed at for not having a song on the radio I got laughed at for being on bubbling under and I never let y’all break my spirit cause they were still wins to me… I know my potential & im grateful for the come up.” 

From there, things got more interesting. The “Sunshine” rapper called out trolls that tried to “downplay”  her accomplishments. She said,

“It’s really crazy how y’all try to take my happiness away from me sooooo bad and downplay all my accomplishments lol.” 

She continued,

“And it always come from a bunch of nobodies who just jealous that you jumped out there and chased ur dreams cause they too scared to.”

Latto then let her naysayers know that they’re the inspiration behind her drive.

“If I celebrate a small win it’s laughed at as if it’s “not enough” (coming from ppl who’ve accomplished nothing in life) but when I celebrate a big win it’s oh just shut up and be humble… lmao y’all are literally the reason why I’ll never stop popping my sh*t.” 

Latto even fired back at a social media user who responded to her post,

“New artists are so annoying lmao.” 

She replied,

“Then it’s this whole “new artist” narrative coming from mfs who have never and will never deal w sh*t on this level. New artists not allowed to use social media like you do? Stfu we all human round this mf.” 

Eventually, celebrity friends Queen Naija, 26, and Saucy Santana, 28, chimed in to reassure the record-breaking artist that she deserves her success.

Congratulations to Latto on her first #1 hit and making history as the first female artist in 12 years and the first female rapper ever to reach #1 with the same song!

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Do you think Latto should be more humble? Tell us in the comments below!

Authored by: Ariel Whitely