Saucy Santana Announces New Deal With RCA Records

Saucy Santana

Congratulations are in order for Saucy Santana, the “Material Girl” rapper is now officially signed!

After nearly three years in the rap game, Saucy Santana, 28, has announced his new deal with RCA Records. Saucy Santana stopped by Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” today (April 28) and shared exciting news about his career and also touched on obstacles he’s faced as a gay man in hip hop.

Saucy Santana

The big record deal announcement came after co-host Angela Yee asked what the entertainer plans on delivering to fans for his next album. Saucy Santana responded,

“So the next album, I think with stepping up. I feel like now being signed to a major label…”

Angela Yee cut him off and replied,

“So you are signed to a major label now?” 

Saucy Santana nodded “yes” and seemingly tried to keep a low profile about his latest business deal. However, when asked if it’s been announced yet, he said,

“No – it’s right here on the m*therf*cking ‘Breakfast Club!'” 

He then revealed he’s now backed by “RCA.”

RCA is a historic record label that’s home to a lot of music legends including Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, and Usher.

Saucy Santana also dished on his experiences navigating through hip hop as a gay man. He said,

“Nobody not taking chances on it. And then people kind of looking at you not knowing me, but just looking at what you see, so people are reserved.”

 He continued,

“People scared to back it up cause they’re feeling like, ‘Is this marketable? Can he sell? Is it just a gimmick? Did he just have a viral song? How long you gone do this?’ So I had to show people like, here go “Walk Em’ Like A Dog,” here go “Material Girl,” here go “Here We Go,” here go “Walk,” here go “Shisha” with City Girls, here go “Up & Down” with Latto. Now I have a song coming out with [Lil Nas X].” 


(Check out the full interview below:) 

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely