Jay Z’s Roc Nation To Host Social Justice Summit


Jay Z’s Roc Nation Forms ‘The United Justice Coalition’ To Raise Social Justice Awareness, Hoping To Impact Turnout At U.S. Midterm Elections

Jay Z is using his business empire to encourage people’s involvement in politics.

The hip-hop icon recently launched a new social justice initiative, “The United Justice Coalition”, under Roc Nation. The purpose of the union, is to bring awareness to ongoing social justice causes that need addressing in America. According to reports, the coalition is set to meet at a New York conference on July 23rd of this year. Its members include individuals from various industries who have strived to bring attention to policy issues impacting people of color across the country.


Some notable names who are reportedly headlining the event, are The Breakfast Club Host Charlemagne The God as well as popular activists Van Jones and Tamika Mallory.

Van Jones

Tamika Mallory

Reportedly, family members of individuals who have lost their lives in recent years due to gun and police violence have also been invited. Included, is the family of Botham Jean who was famously murdered after an officer believed he was trespassing in his own home. As well as Michelle Kenney, the mother of 17-year-old Antwon Rose II who was fatally shot after being wrongfully suspected of murder.

Roc Nation’s philanthropic managing director Dania Diaz says that the organization hopes the summit will result in higher political engagement amid the midterm elections. She stated:

“It is an opportunity for people to really learn about issues that impact their communities — issues that are going to inevitably come up in midterm elections — and hopefully, it’ll drive action.”

The new association only continues to further Jay Z‘s ambitions to highlight social travesties in America. The rap artist and business mogul is currently engaged in a longtime partnership with the NFL under the guise of collaborating on social justice initiatives. Additionally, Jay Z has launched numerous lawsuits under Roc Nation on behalf people of color, racially wronged in this country.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson