Lil Durk’s Alleged Baby Mother Calls Out The Rapper After Not Including Son’s Name In Instagram Post

Lil Durk

Lil Durk’s Alleged Baby Mother Calls Out The Rapper After Not Including Son’s Name In Instagram Post

The mother of Lil Durk’s alleged son, Travonna, recently sounded off with a few posts to social media towards the rapper.

Travonna took to Instagram on Thursday (May 12) and called out Chicago-born rapper Lil Durk, 29. According to the mother of his alleged secret son, Lil Durk did not show up to court to resolve the paternity of the child.

Travonna made the claims in a series of posts via her IG stories calling out “The Voice” rapper after Durk shared a post admitting to struggling with fatherhood. While listing the names of his children, Durk did not mention Romeo, the child Travonna says that she shares with Durk.

In her first post, Travonna wrote,

“I feel where y’all coming from sending me the bs he said but at the same time idc about a word he says because his word means nothing how you the voice but leave your blood son out your mix for whatever reason smh when sh*t reveal itself once they catch up to him I don’t want no apologies omks I don’t Romeo the main one hurt but everybody thinking about they own grown a** feelings & image why make a post instead of going to pick your kids up ain’t like they finna read it tf YOU DO EVERYTHING FOR THE INTERNET NOW GOOD NIGHT I GOT A BIG DAY AHEAD OF ME.”

She added,

& another thing him making a post leaving Romeo name out don’t make him not your son. He still has your blood in his veins but continue on for the internet. Ok I’m done.”

In a following post, Travonna says Durk missed their court appearance to take a paternity test for Romeo. She claims that she obtained a DNA test through Durk’s mother, which allegedly confirmed a genetic match.

She continued with another message on her story about resolving the matter in court, along with a photo of her son at the barbershop sitting in the chair getting his haircut.

“I be biting my tongue til it bleed YALL but I’m human I’m fed tf up
but my faith strong I’m not giving up this my baby fight that he won’t fight alone I’ll take every blow for my baby. I hate the internet but it got me to court it’s helping with resolutions because privately we were being stepped on I’m going to bed fr y’all send one up for me.”

Durk nor his fiancée India Royale, 26, have not yet responded.

Lil Durk, India Cox

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely