Sidney Starr Argues With Natalie Nunn & Fist Fights With Persuasion From ‘Bad Girls Club’ [VIDEO]

Sidney Starr, Natalie Nunn, Persuasion

Sidney Starr Argues With Natalie Nunn & Fist Fights With Persuasion From ‘Bad Girls Club’ [VIDEO]

Looks like Sidney Starr wasn’t too happy with Natalie Nunn after being axed from “Baddies”.

The model starred in season one of the Zeus network reality series, which is co-produced by Natalie Nunn, but was left off the season 2 roster. According to Natalie Nunn, 37, model Sidney Starr, 33, recently arrived to a set where “Baddies” season 2 was filming, wreaking havoc and cursing at people. The show is a spin-off series of Oxygen’s original reality show “Bad Girl’s Club”.

In a more recent video, Sidney Starr is seen screaming at the Zeus network producer, before fighting with Persuasion from season 16 of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club”, stating:

“I thought you were my friend!”

In the short clip, Natalie vehemently responds:

“I was your friend, but ever since you f****ng threatened me! You threatened me!”

The next scene seemingly shows Elliadria “Persuasian” Griffin, hitting Sidney as she falls to the ground – apparently for the second time. A witness, and possible recorder, of the fight is heard laughing in the background stating:

“Not she’s on the floor again”

Natalie Nunn

Sidney Starr


The altercation comes days after original BGC castmate Natalie hopped on live with Blueface’s artist Chrisean Rock, discussing Sidney’s recent behavior. On the live, Chrisean asks Natalie about “happened at the club” after she left, to which Natalie responds:

“B***hes popping up on us thinking the sh**s cute. Don’t be coming up in my section b***h thinking you finna be talking crazy to me any ole kind of f***ing way, it’s not happening. Talking about ‘f**k you’.”

As they two continue to talk, Natalie identifies Sidney as the assailant in the story stating:

“I have no problem with Sidney, she’s just not on season 2. And I feel like don’t come over to season 2, pop up at our party and start disrespecting everyone and going in on everybody….She was throwing drinks and dumped all our bottles.”

Following her live with Chrisean, Natalie shared pictures of missed phones calls from Sidney to her social media, and captioned the post:


To which Sidney commented:

“I’m not going no where bihhhh”

Reportedly, Natalie told fellow “Baddies” cast member Judy Jai that Sidney will not be returning due to low popularity ratings with fans. Additionally, Natalie accused Sidney of disparaging her character in the LGBT community. Neither Natalie, Sidney, nor Persuasion have made any public comments about the fight.

Does it seem like Sidney is retaliating against Natalie for being booted from “Baddies” season 2? Tell us what you think in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson