Mariah Huq Says ‘Married To Medicine’ Is ‘Going Down In Flames’ Amid Her Discrimination Lawsuit Against Bravo

Mariah Huq Says ‘Married To Medicine’ Is ‘Going Down In Flames’ Amid Her Discrimination Lawsuit Against Bravo

Mariah Huq isn’t happy about the direction of Bravo’s Married To Medicine as she sues the network for discrimination.

She replied to a fan who asked her about the status of the lawsuit on Twitter. The fan wrote,

“Any update on the lawsuit?. We are rooting for you. I hope you are watching the show. The show you created has become too contrived. Purveyors of Pop & Heavenly have ruined the show. Bravo needs to replace POP because they made a mess of M2M LA & M2M Houston.”

Mariah Huq responded,

“It’s brutal to watch my Franchise go down in flames! Definitely not the vision I had. Hopefully the legal woes will be over soon & things can get back on track!”

Mariah Huq first opened up about possibly suing Bravo in an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND last July. At the time, she was waiting to receive a contract for Married To Medicine’s current eighth season.

She told us,

“I was really perplexed and taken aback that I haven’t been a part of some of the boardroom conversations and the fact that I hadn’t received a contract or be involved in the direction of where the franchise is going. I think that it’s important to understand that this is my story like I am married to medicine. We’re in the midst of a pandemic right now, this is my life and I just wanted to share our story with the world.”

She said she’s been treated unfairly in comparison to her white male counterparts.

“I am a little taken aback. I do believe that I have not been treated the way my counterparts have and all I wanted is just to be treated equally and I just want equal rights as my white male counterparts. Hell, I just want to be respected and treated decently as a cast member I don’t even get that. I’m treated worse and they did it in front of the world.”

She ultimately will not appear in the eighth season and sued Bravo for discrimination in January of this year. Mariah Huq also named NBC, Fremantle, and Purveyors of Pop as defendants. According to All About The Tea, she alleged in her lawsuit that they stole her concept for the popular Bravo reality show without paying her royalties or crediting her for subsequent spinoffs. She reportedly claimed in court documents that

 “the defendants acted illegally and unethically which includes but is not limited to – 1) unauthorized exploitation of “Married To Medicine” & Married To Medicine the Series, 2) Breach of Contract, 3) Breach of joint Venture Agreement, 4) breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, 5) failure to prevent retaliation and harassment.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson