Blueface & His Girlfriend Get In Physical Altercation W/ His Mother & Sister [VIDEO]

Blueface & His Girlfriend Get In Physical Altercation W/ His Mother & Sister


The feud between Blueface and his family continues.

Over the weekend rapper Blueface (real name Jonathan Jamal Porter) and his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock got into a physical altercation with his mother, Karlissa Saffold and sister, Kali Miller. It all began on Saturday (May 28) when Blueface’s mom took to social media to show off her face, which appeared to be swollen. She then called out the “Thotiana” rapper for allowing his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, to assault Blueface’s sister Kali Miller. In an Instagram story post, Karlissa Saffold wrote,

“All I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life and that’s all that matters. Carry on. @bluefasebabyy I will never forgive you for what you did to @kaliweae [Blueface’s sister] & @drjioproducedit [her husband] Never life and I pray God has mercy on your soul.”‘

She continued,

“Johnathan, you need help and if I have enabled you in any way I will ask God for forgiveness. You brought that trash bag and her dog where I laid my head and paid rent through helping you build your business and I asked you more than 10 times to get her out my face.. You sicked that girl on me like a vicious dog.”

Blueface & his mom

Blueface’s sister, Kali Miller, also took to Instagram and posted a video claiming that the Los Angeles rapper assaulted her and their mother. She said,

“Deadass, Blueface is a lame-a** n**a. The n**a dead-a** punched me and my mother in the face. And the n**a is lame as f*ck and gets no respect.”

In an Instagram story post, she wrote,

“Idc, how much money you got or how big your name is your still a lame ass n**a.”

Miller also alleged that she and her husband were jumped by seven men–including her brother BlueFace. She claims that after being jumped, her brother’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock began fighting her.

Despite their allegations, Blueface claims he did not attack his mother and sister. The “Outside” rapper shared a video featuring Chrisean Rock confessing that she was the one who assaulted his mom and sister. In the video, the 25-year-old rapper said,

 “They can’t just take their L, they want to say I did it. I’m a whole f**king boxer out here.”

In the video, Bluface asked Chrisean Rock why did she beat up his family. Rock replied,

“They gave me no option.”

While it’s unclear what led to the fight, video footage began to surface showing the rappers girlfriend beat up his mother and sister while Blueface watched and did not intervene.

Blueface’s manager, music exec Wack 100 took to social media claiming that the rappers sister, Kali Miller striked first when she allegedly threw a Gatorade bottle at Chrisean Rock’s face. Wack 100 says that he spoke to Rock and asked why she hit Blueface’s mother. According to Wack, Rock said,

“I feel bad about it. When the bottle hit my face, I reacted.”

Wack 100

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Authored by: Monique Nicole