Kehlani Shares Adorable Video Of Her Daughter Calling Her By Her First Name: No, My Name Is Mommy! [WATCH]

Kehlani & daughter Adeya

Kehlani Shares Adorable Video Of Her Daughter Calling Her By Her First Name: No! My Name Is Mommy [WATCH]

Singer-songwriter Kehlani recently gave fans a glimpse into her life of raising a toddler.

As previously reported, on March 23, 2019, Kehlani gave birth to daughter Adeya Parrish Young-White in the bathroom at home.

Kehlani co-parents her daughter with her ex-boyfriend, guitarist Javaughn (Javie) Young-White, 25. Reportedly, the two are really close friends focused on being good parents to their daughter and haven’t been romantically involved since 2018.

Javie Young-White, Kehlani

The 27-year-old California singer shared a sweet video via her Instagram Story of her daughter, Adeya, innocently acknowledging Kehlani by her first name. Born Kehlani Parrish, the caught off guard songstress instantly corrected her young daughter once she realized she called her “Kehlani.”

Kehlani & daughter Adeya

In the clip, the mother of one seemingly looks stunned as she asked her 3-year-old daughter,

“What did you just call me?”

Adeya hilariously replied “Kehlani,” which prompted the “Nights Like This” singer to respond,

“No! My name is mom. Mommy.” 

At the end of clip, Kehlani can be seen looking seemingly disappointed as she poked her lips out and told her daughter that her first name is considered a “bad name.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely