Drake’s Son Adonis Hilariously Explains Where He Learned To Play Basketball [VIDEO]

Drake & his son Adonis

Drake’s Son Adonis Hilariously Explains Where He Learned To Play Basketball [VIDEO]

Drake’s son Adonis has been putting in work on the basketball court, and now the Canadian rapper wants to know where he got his skills!

On Wednesday (May 25), Drake, 35, shared a series of clips to his Instagram Story after getting some basketball practice in with his basketball star in the making, Adonis. In the clip, Drake asked Adonis,

“Yo, where you learn to shoot like that?”

Adonis smiled as he shrugged his shoulders and replied,

“I don’t know.” 

Drake continued and commended his sons’ basketball skills, emphasizing that he had made four out of five shots, to which Adonis responded,

“Yes, I know!”

The “God’s Plan” rapper proceeded to ask his son again where he learned to get his shots up, seemingly wanting him to say his father, but Adonis did not give Drake his flowers. The 4-year-old hilariously explained,

“I shoot at school!”

Drake & his son Adonis

However, Adonis did have one request for his father that sent the rap icon into laughter. At the end of clip, Adonis pointed to Drake’s phone and added,

“Also, send that to our girl!”

The footage of Adonis’ progress on the court comes shortly after Drake shared footage of Adonis at his basketball practice earlier this month.

As previously reported, last week, the Grammy Award-winning artist took to Instagram to post a clip of Adonis putting up shots at the OVO gym in Toronto, where he can be seen using the same gestures as NBA star and Lakers player LeBron James, 37.

LeBron James

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely