Jim Jones Says He Is ‘Solely Responsible For Kid Cudi’s Career’

Jim Jones Says He Is ‘Solely Responsible For Kid Cudi’s Career’

It looks like Jim Jones is setting the record straight and wants the world to know he played a fundamental role in the start of Kid Cudi’s music career!
During a recent interview, the New York rapper took a trip down memory lane and addressed the role he allegedly played in Kid Cudi’s, 38, career. While sitting down with DJ Superstar Jay for SiriusXM, Jim Jones, 45, was asked about hopping on the remix to “Day N Nite”–Kid Cudi’s now-classic 2008 record–which essentially put him on the map.  The “We Set The Trends” rapper detailed the story and explained why he is “solely responsible for Kid Cudi’s career.”Jim Jones explained,

“Kid Cudi was a nobody. He worked in a f**ing store under Koch Records. I was signed to Koch Records. I didn’t even know Kid Cudi worked down there. Lisa Brunts’ nephew at the time was doing some work for me in my studio and sh*t, and he’s like, ‘Yo, I manage these video directors, I want them to shoot a video for you and sh*t like that.’ I’m like, ‘Show me they videos.’ They showed me the video, ended up being a Kid Cudi video that they shot for free for him, he on top of the roof lookin’ crazy.”

Jim Jones

He continued,

“They’re like ‘This is the kid that works inside that f*cking rock-n-roll store under Koch, they just did it for him,’ and I was like, ‘Give me the record, and I’ll let y’all shoot me a video.’ They got me the record, I did the record, they shot the video.”

Jim Jones goes on to reveal that he put the music video on YouTube and someone at Hot 97 radio station downloaded it, and that’s how the song made it’s way on the radio. When asked if he was ever paid for being featured on the remix, Jones said,

“Never. When [Kid Cudi] got his deal, they took me off the record and went for ads without me on the record… DJ Cassidy did that, you dig. You know I bumped into him, but that’s my man, though. It’s always a joke, though, and sh*t like that, but yeah, it happens like that. But I’m solely responsible for Kid Cudi’s career. You can go tell him that, and he’s going to tell you, ‘He’s right.'”


Kid Cudi

See the full clip below:

Jim Jones comments garnered mixed reactions from fans. Some agree with the New York rapper while others feel taking responsibility for Kid Cudi’s career is a bit of a reach. See reactions below:




Kid Cudi has yet to respond to Jim Jones’ claims.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole