Update: Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin’s Son, Kerrion Franklin, Out On Bail After Serving 2 Months In Jail, Reality Star Thanks His Dad In Post Announcing His Release


Kirk Franklin, Kerrion Franklin

Update: Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin’s Son, Kerrion Franklin, Out On Bail After Serving 2 Months In Jail, Reality Star Thanks His Dad In Post Announcing His Release

Update: It looks like Kerrion Franklin’s dad, gospel singer Kirk Franklin, came to his rescue after all.

Earlier today (June 2) Kerrion Franklin took to his Instagram and shared with his 104K followers that he is officially a free man, for now. In a lengthy IG post, he wrote,

“James Chapter 1:2-4 Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it all great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”

He continued and gave thanks to his mother and father for seemingly helping with his legal situation.

“PS #LosersLoveRumors #Shoutout 222 the Real #TeamKerrion #Shoutout My Mother & My Father & My Lighthouse @keetwit thank you for the prayers & the wind the most High is moving me in.”

He added that despite being out now, he still has one more case to deal with.

“The journey is not over yet 1 more case left to handle tho freely here ii am out of jail. A lot of talk but Today the King walks #ChessLord #waitfortheVerdict”


Original Post: Do you think Kirk Franklin will be bonding his son out of jail anytime soon?

According to RadarOnline, 34- year-old Kerrion Franklin was transferred from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on May 25 with a bail of $100,000. Reportedly the reality star had another court appearance scheduled for Tuesday (May 31) and he will remain in jail until someone pays his bond.  

Kerrion Franklin

As previously reported, “Bad Boys: Los Angeles” star Kerrion Franklin was arrested on April 10 for allegedly driving a vehicle in Beverly Hills that belonged to a missing woman who is presumed to be dead. Police found a gun in the car, however, Kerrion Franklin insists that the murder had nothing to do with him and that the firearm didn’t belong to him. 

During a jail interview, Kirk Franklin’s estranged son stated he was wrongfully taken into police custody after cops pulled him over for a broken tail light and then arrested him on warrants he wasn’t aware of:

“I know that my circle is-my inner circle is changing. It’s been a lot of interesting things going on. I’ve been communicating with my pastor for the past couple of weeks about just different things thats been happening around me. Feeling like I’m being set-up, feeling like people is tryna catch me doing  wrong.”

He added,

“Put me in a position where I can be judged and, you know what I’m saying? Arrested like, this is unfortunate to see how, you know, Black men in America aiming to live righteous, to live in they truth, and to stay righteous are continuously treated.”

Kerrion’s warrants stemmed from a criminal case that took place in August 2007 where he was cited for three misdemeanors listed as; possession of alcohol under 21, falsely representing self to an officer, and possession of purported government issued California driver’s license. The warrant was reportedly issued because the reality star never showed for his court date. 

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill