Drake Takes Shots With Fans At A Bar In Detroit [VIDEO]

Drake Takes Shots Of 1942 With Fans At A Bar In Detroit

Fans couldn’t believe how well a Detroit woman kept her composure after meeting four time Grammy winner, Drake in a Detroit bar.

On Thursday (June 2) a Detroit woman took to social media to show followers she ran into Drake, 35, while having a drink with her friend. She asked Drake if he’d like to take a shot while also asking him if it was okay to record their interaction.

Starting to record she says:

“I don’t wanna be funny.”

The fan continues:

“What you drinking? Light or dark?”

She implies whiskey is her favorite drink. The Canadian rapper responds:

“I need tequila.”

The Detroit woman’s friend continues:

“I like you!”

She proceeds to ask the bartender for a shot of whiskey while also asking Drake what type of tequila does he prefer assuming he wanted Casamigos:

Drake adds:

“‘42 please. Chilled.”

Shocked, the fan says:

“Okay! Okay!

Continuing the conversation, she asks Drake if he’s having a good time. Drake shrugs his shoulders implying that he’s having an “alright” time in Michigan.

Would you be able to keep your composure if you met Drake at a bar? Let us know in the comments.

Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill