LeBron James – 17-Year-Old Beaten To Death Outside Of School Founded By Athlete

LeBron James, Ethan Liming

LeBron James – 17-Year-Old Beaten To Death Outside Of School Founded By Athlete

An Ohio family is mourning the loss of their 17-year-old son after he was beaten to death outside of the well-known I Promise elementary school.

According to reports, on June 2, a 17-year-old named Ethan Liming was killed late that evening after a fight occured in the parking lot of the I Promise School, which was founded by LeBron James. According to the Summit County Medical Examiner, the death of Ethan Liming is being investigated as a homicide.

Per police reports, the suspects were playing basketball when Liming arrived at the parking lot with some of his friends. Eventually, a fight broke out between the two groups. It’s unclear what triggered the altercation, however, Liming was “knocked unconscious and brutally assaulted” by at least three males. Liming’s friends called 911 for help, and police said officers rushed to the scene. The teenager was pronounced dead around 10:45 p.m. in the I Promise School parking lot.

Ethan Liming

The LeBron James Family Foundation shared the following statement on social media expressing condolences:

“Our community is everything to us. We were devastated to learn of the overnight incident that saw a life lost near our school. We are grieving with our community over another senseless act of violence. Our campus is safe and secure as we continue to do everything we can to support our students, families, and the entire Akron community.”

LeBron James also releases a statement via his Twitter and said,

”Our condolences goes out to the family who lost a loved one!! My the heavens above watch over you during this tragedy! Pray for our community!”

Friends and loved ones of Liming have started to share posts dedicated to him and asking for help finding the people responsible for his death.


thank you for being you ethan <3 #llethanliming #12 #LLE

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the Liming family at this time. 


Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel