Yung Miami Grills Diddy On Their Relationship Status In Trailer For Her New Show “Caresha Please”: “Why You F*cking With A City Girl?”

Diddy & Yung Miami

Yung Miami Grills Diddy On Their Relationship Status In Trailer For Her New Show “Caresha Please”: “Why You F*cking With A City Girl?”

Yung Miami is getting to the bag and questioning the status of her and her alleged boo simultaneously!

The City Girls rapper announced her new show called “Caresha Please” on social media today (June 8th) with a trailer featuring her first guest, Diddy. The show is slated to air on REVOLT TV, owned by her rumored man. REVOLT also announced the new series is a part of a multi-platform deal with Yung Miami.

Her apparent fling with the mogul has had people eager to know their business, and the first episode appears to give some insight into what they may have going on.

Yung Miami, whose real name is Caresha Brownlee, appeared ready to fire off questions about their relationship with Diddy, as she told fans in the caption, “we getting to ALL the smoke!”

Only three seconds into the trailer, Yung Miami opens by asking Diddy questions one after the other, barely giving him time to respond!

“So you ready to get in the smoke?”

“So you woke up, and we was trending. What that was about?”

Diddy, also known in recent days as LOVE, stuttered in his attempt to respond, with Caresha rolling her eyes at him. She then continued her line of questioning, asking:

“So what we is? What you like about me? Like, why you f*cking with a City Girl?”

Diddy then laughed and adjusted himself in his seat, seemingly overwhelmed, telling her, “Yo, hold on.”

Yung Miami and Diddy

Miami kept going, however, asking him more questions ranging from personal life to food choices:

“Do you like making love or f*cking? Chinese food or American?”

“Are you a cheater? You can’t think, you gotta just say it.”

LOVE said no words but laughed at her questioning, to which she laughed and responded

“I’m not laughing.”

REVOLT’s Caresha Please also announced the show is executively produced by both Miami and Diddy, alongside Quality Films. Quality Films is the media production counterpart to Yung Miami‘s record label, Quality Control Records.

Diddy also said a few words about his rumored lady in the announcement, saying,

“Yung Miami is not only a superstar artist she’s also unapologetically herself and brings a perspetive women around the world can release to, which is why I’m excited to bring her podcast to life.”

The now co-executive producers first started speculation of dating after they were seen holding hands at Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas’ birthday party in June of 2021. This was the beginning of many post-and-deletes, rumors, and flirty comments back and forth between Caresha and Diddy.

Two months later, Yung Miami posted and deleted a video of her sitting on Diddy’s lap, making more speculation for fans.

She also mentioned him in her song “Rap Freaks,” celebrating the New Year together, and seemingly sticking close together almost any time they are together at events. Even just recently, Caresha engaged in a social media back and forth with Diddy’s ex, Gina Huynh.

It’s safe to say these two will continue to add fuel to those rumors!

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Authored by: Sunny Morgan