Kevin Hart To Open Plant-Based Fast Food Restaurant ‘Hart House’ This Summer

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart To Open Plant-Based Fast Food Restaurant ‘Hart House’ This Summer

Looks like Kevin Hart is working hard to fulfill his billionaire aspirations!

The comedian/entrepreneur took to his Instagram account earlier today (June 16th), to announce his newest business venture – Hart House, a 100% plant-based fast food restaurant. Accompanied by an article jointly releasing the news, Kevin Hart, 42, captioned the post:

“I am THRILLED to announce that I have collaborated with an All-Star team of partners and industry leaders to create an industry-changing restaurant call “Hart House” (@MyHartHouse)! This thing is going to be HUGE! We’re going to serve delicious, sustainable food, that delivers “Can’t-Believe-It” Flavor in every bite!!! We’ll be opening our first few locations in the LA area, but we will be expanding quickly. Stay tuned for more!! #HartHouse#EatYourHartOut”
Hart House will launch the entertainer’s entry into the food service industry. However, Kevin has continuously increased his business venture portfolio since his last comedy performance, “The Irresponsible Tour”, back in 2017. The star of Netflix’s True Story also recently announced he’ll soon be releasing his own tequila line, Gran Coramino Tequila Cristalino.

Kevin Hart

Kevin is also gearing up for his next comedy tour “Reality Check”, an international set slated to kick off next week in Ireland.
Speaking on how the industry-changing concept came to be, Hart House’s CEO Andy Hooper stated:

“Kevin sort of conceptualize this idea at the beginning of the pandemic….If I were advising him at the time, I would say, ‘Don’t you dare ever start a restaurant, and don’t you ever start a restaurant in the middle of COVID,”

He continued:

“But after almost two years of really working on this menu and getting the food to a place where it can deliver on that promise, we’re ready to go and we’re excited to tell the world about Hart House and excited to serve the food.”

According to the restaurant’s official website, Hart House has big plans of being the go-to fast food option of the future. The restaurant asserts that its foods contain no antibiotics, hormones, artificial coloring, preservatives, or corn syrup. Additionally, the site lists the company’s mission is to:

“make the food you know and love – better for you, your wallet, and the planet”

The first location will reportedly open sometime this summer in Los Angeles, California.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson