Summer Walker Says She Wishes She Paid More Attention To Who She Procreated With

Summer Walker

Summer Walker Says She Wishes She Paid More Attention To Who She Procreated With

Summer Walker is known to leave it all on the track, but this time she’s taking a different route.

The ESSENCE Festival of Culture cover star has never shied away from speaking out against the effort, or lack thereof, given by London on da Track (real name London Holmes).

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The former lovers, who share a one-year-old daughter, once showcased a happy relationship, which included London on da Track producing Summer Walker‘s album Over It. Fans believe he served as the inspiration for several of the songs on the 2021 follow-up album Still Over It, which he also produced tunes for.

During a recent interview, Summer Walker said,

“I wish that I paid more attention to the person I procreated with.”

She added,

“It’s still like you never really know anybody. Even how long you can be with people, you just never really know. People be in long-ass marriages, and they just switch up and you’ll be like, “Yo, what the f***?” So, I guess you can just never really know.”

This isn’t the first time Summer has spoken out against the father of her child.

As previously reported, Summer said it is hard to co-parent with London. She accused the famed music producer of going months without seeing their daughter and being an ‘evil’ person. She also said he only uses their child for clout.

Summer Walker

At the time, Summer said,

“You haven’t seen my child in almost two months, no call, no FaceTime, no nothing, ain’t even ask for a picture from either me or the nanny and when you finally get her this is the first thing that came to your mind to do?”

While she has since moved on to her healing era and a happy new relationship, Summer admits that music is the furthest thing from her mind right now. She said,

“I don’t know, honestly. I really don’t know. I haven’t been focused on making any new music.”

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