Summer Walker Asks ‘When Will The World Ever Get Better,’ As She Reveals She Was Called The N-Word

Summer Walker

Summer Walker Asks ‘When Will The World Ever Get Better,’ As She Reveals She Was Called The N-Word

R&B artist Summer Walker is sharing a racially charged experience she recently endured.

The 26-year-old musician took to her Instagram yesterday (June 22nd), to tell her 4.6 million followers about being called the N-word while out with a friend. Written as a caption, Summer Walker posted about the incident, stating:

“lmao it’s 2022 and I’m still getting called a ninja with a hard R chile when will the world ever get better”

Following up, the singer added:

“& my friend, In broad day light, Like we are being punked”

Though the “No Love” artist inserted a few laughing emoji’s in the post, the moment was likely not taken lightly.

Summer has previously addressed society’s poor behavior, calling out a man she claims stole money from her after she paid him for contracting services.

The Soul Train Award-winning singer also called out society’s poor beauty standards, shaming social media users’ reactions to pictures of herself, donning a huge afro and maiden dress.


Summer Walker

Most recently, Summer called out TSA for allegedly constantly over-searching her, feeling parts of her body she deems unnecessary. Despite it all, the musician routinely credits her daughter Bubbles, who she shares with producer London on the Track, and boyfriend LVRD Pharoh for keeping her sane.

Summer Walker, Bubbles

As previously reported her rapper beux, whose real name is Larry, recently came to Summer’s defense after feeling she was snubbed at this year’s Billboards awards. The musician lost the best R&B album nomination to pop artist Doja Cat, who took home three big awards that evening. The “Ex For A Reason” artist said ultimately, she’ll just have to work harder.

Hopefully, the singer has more pleasant interactions with the world moving forward!

Are you surprised that Summer was called the n-word in this day and age? Let us know in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson