Kevin Hart Tells ‘Most Humbling’ Bathroom Story During Recovery, Says Male Nurse ‘Turns Me Around & Starts Wiping My A**’

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Tells ‘Most Humbling’ Bathroom Story During Recovery, Says Male Nurse ‘Turns Me Around And Starts Wiping My A**’

Kevin Hart’s road to recovery after his Sept. 1 car crash hasn’t just been long, it’s been humbling. The comedian and actor revealed that even seemingly small tasks like going to the bathroom became extremely difficult for him as he received treatment for injuries from the accident.

He recently shared that he needed help even going to the bathroom.

“I could not f***ing move. I could not wipe my a**. I literally — I couldn’t do none of that.”

He even shared a time he had to resort to defecating on himself following his spinal surgery.

“To move is an event. In my mind, I’m gonna f***ing s*** out my mouth — it’s trying to come out! I sat up in the bed like the undertaker. My stomach felt like somebody lit dynamite and threw it in my f***ing stomach and ran.”

He saluted a male nurse named Jose who came to his rescue.

“Here’s the most humbling thing in the world: [My wife] Eniko is sitting on the couch; Jose was my nurse, he’s like, 60-years-old. Mexican dude. Jose comes in and don’t ask me no questions. Jose grabs the gauze, puts this spongy soapy s*** on the gauze, turns me around and starts wiping my a**.”

Eniko and Kevin Hart

Jose also made sure Hart wasn’t embarrassed. Hart added,

“[Jose] said, ‘It’s okay, man, I’ve been doing this for 40 years… keep it coming, man.'”

Hart explained how he felt in that moment and said,

“It was humbling how it happened. You are really helpless. There was nothing I could do. There was nothing I could do to stop that.”

Hart and two friends, Jared Black and his fiancée Rebecca Broxterman were involved in the accident on Sept. 1.

Jared Black, Rebecca Broxterman

Black was behind the wheel of Hart’s 1970 Plymouth, Hart was in the passenger seat and Broxterman was riding in the back when the car crashed in California. The car has been said to be a death trap as it lacked vital safety features. Hart broke his silence on the crash last month, and shared moments of his recovery.

Continued prayers as Kevin Hart, Jared Black and Rebecca Broxterman recover!

Authored by: Char Patterson