Jason Derulo Purchased A $3.6 Million Mansion For Ex-Girlfriend Jena Frumes & Their 1-Year-Old

Jena Frumes, Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo Purchased A $3.6 Million Mansion For Ex-Girlfriend Jena Frumes & Their 1-Year-Old

Jena Frumes is living her best mom life under a brand new roof, thanks to her ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo.

According to reports, the R&B/pop musician used his Billboard and TikTok revenue to purchase a $3.6 million mansion for Jena Frumes and their one-year-old son Jason King.

Jena Frumes, Jason Derulo & their son

The 5,000 square foot estate has five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a pool with a built-in Jacuzzi and waterfall features, a soundproof movie theater, as well as an outdoor farmhouse.

While the former lovers appear to be co-parenting well now, they seemingly haven’t always had the best relationship. Jena Frumes previously accused Jason Derulo of cheating on her with multiple women during their relationship, which ultimately led to their breakup.

The news came earlier this month following a comment from one of her Instagram followers who criticized the 28-year-old for being unmarried with a child. They said,

“You’re not married which means your child is a bastard and you’re playing the whore role.. Ya’ll got morals mixed up.”

Jena wasted no time defending herself, saying,

“It’s unfortunate my situation didn’t work out because we once did aspire to be married but maybe it’s best to be single than to be in a relationship & constantly be disrespected & cheated on and lied to. Or is it better to stay & be quiet so people like you…approve?”

Jason Derulo x Jena Frumes

Confirmation of the cheating rumors came months after Jason Derulo addressed critics for constantly speaking on his relationship with Jena. In an interview last November, he opened up about their co-parenting relationship, saying at the time,

“We don’t care if we’re confusing people about our situation because our situation is our situation. We love [our son] more than anything, and his wellbeing is really important to us. I’m really attentive of her wellbeing as well, and I want her to be good. I care about her a lot. We have an amazing relationship, contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs.”

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Authored by: S. G.