Sean Paul Says Verzuz Battle Against Shaggy Would Be ‘Unfair’: I Got 19 Songs In The Top 20

Sean Paul, Shaggy


Sean Paul Says Verzuz Battle Against Shaggy Would Be ‘Unfair’: I Got 19 Songs In The Top 20

Looks like dancehall fans shouldn’t expect to see a “Verzuz” battle between Sean Paul and Shaggy anytime soon!

During a recent sit down with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Jamaican rapper Sean Paul updated listeners on where he currently stands in regards to doing a “Verzuz” battle. He previously stated that he wouldn’t perform during the famed musical showdown but later circled back and shared he opened up to the idea.

Sean Paul

During his latest interview, morning show host DJ Envy sparked the topic of the hugely popular dancehall artist doing a “Verzuz” battle and asked who he’d love to do it with. Sean Paul answered and seemingly shared that he’s back to not wanting to do one at all. He said,

“I have like a niche space in the business, almost. You know what I mean? So, for me, it’s kind of weird to bother somebody from my own genre and I’m one of the most successful there.” 

Sean Paul continued, emphasizing his stance is based on unity and he’s not interested in that type of clash. He also gave props to the first and only dancehall “Verzuz” battle (Bounty Killer vs. Beenie Man), which brought in over a million impressions, and highlighted the international genre to people around the world.

When show co-host Angela Yee stated that the world needs another dancehall “Verzuz,” Sean Paul guessed who fans would want to see him go against and replied,

“so you want to see me go at Shaggy then?” 


Shaggy is a reggae musician, who released one of his latest dancehall hits “Go Down Deh” with Sean Paul and Spice last year.

While discussing the Jamaican artists’ catalog, Sean Paul mentioned he has 19 songs in the Top 20, while Shaggy only has 3.

“I got 19 songs in the top 20”

He continued and said that even though Shaggy has just a few hits in the Top 20 the ‘It Wasn’t Me’ artist has sold millions of records.

He added,

“For me it’s just an unfair thing. It’s like putting Mike Tyson with his boss, Muhammad Ali. It’s different timeframes.” 

Reportedly, when “Verzuz” was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Sean Paul confirmed there would be no battle against Shaggy. While chatting on “The Breakfast Club,” he revealed that Shaggy previously called him up to do the battle, but he denied the offer.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely