Da Brat Cries Over Pregnancy News, Doctor Says She Shouldn’t Carry Child She & Wife Judy Are Trying To Have [VIDEO]

Judy, Da Brat

Da Brat Cries Over Pregnancy News, Doctor Says She Shouldn’t Carry Child She & Wife Judy Are Trying To Have [VIDEO] 

Da Brat recently received heartbreaking news concerning her efforts to expand her family.

Da Brat, Jesseca ‘Judy’ Dupart

In a recent episode of Brat Loves Judy, Da Brat faces sorrow as she reveals not being the perfect fit to carry the child she’s always dreamed of having with her wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart. On a phone call with a friend, Da Brat, born Shawntae Harris-Dupart, discusses the disturbing news. She said:

“Just came from the doctor and the doctor said that I have two fibroid tumors. So he suggested that I shouldn’t carry.”

She continued:

“I saw em’. I did the whole ultrasound and all that sh*t. I saw the tumors. I mean I don’t know much about fibroid tumors but you know he was like it would probably be better if my partner carries.”

In a confessional the Chicago rapper shared:

“I’m stressed the f*ck out because that’s not what I was expecting and I’m heartbroken because now I have to tell my baby and I’m sure she’s gonna be supportive but she’s gonna be disappointed I think and I don’t wanna disappoint her. Hell, I’m disappointed.”

The 48-year-old admitted to her friend:

“We been so happy and planning this whole sh*t. I know I been joking a lot about like not giving up the weed and the hennessey but dude I stopped smoking, you know, cigarettes, and I would’ve gladly gave up the booze and the weed to carry. You know, no second guessing, easy, you know?”

She said:

“I been so excited that I’m gon’ be the oven and you gon’ carry a baby and you know, get to experience all the motherhood like things and feeling what it feels like inside me and you know, when the baby come out like-”

She admitted:

“I just don’t wanna disappoint her, you know? We had it all planned out like, cause that way if it’s her egg and then we, you know, put it with the sperm donor, and I’m the oven, then it’s mine too.

Da Brat shared in a confessional:

“When me and my baby talked about it I got really excited, in understanding like I’m getting ready to feel what a mother would feel like. When women have children and they say like, when the baby come out and you look at that baby and you hold it and you’ve never been in love before like you are with your child like I just wanna feel what it feels like. You only live once and I’m dying to feel it.”

As previously reported, on Thursday (June 9) Jesseca Harris-Dupart and her wife opened up about their IVF journey and shared that they’ve been temporarily hospitalized due to different complications. Jesseca Harris-Dupart said :

“She’s [Da Brat] never experienced it [motherhood] and she is a very caring person. She is the most nurturing person I’ve ever met in my whole entire life. So I just think that, that would be great and anything that I’m able to give her in this lifetime I will. So, and since you’ve been through IVF, you can just imagine the journey, the complications, I was hospitalized with blood clots. It’s just been a lot but we were not giving up…We want a baby together. So we want it to be, you know, we wanted, we want some of me, some of her. So we both had to go through different things to make it happen. This has been a journey.”

Da Brat adds:

“I have been to the doctor more than I ever have in my whole life. Goodness. How many pap smears a woman got to get? Damn.”

Jesseca on if she and Da Brat are still trying to have a baby:

“Well, I’m not gonna say we’re still trying. We are on our way. We’re on our way.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill