Instagram Model Gena Tew Reveals She Became Severely Sick & Almost Died Because She Was Unaware She Had AIDS For Almost Ten Years: No I Don’t Know Who Gave It To Me

Gina New

Instagram Model Gena Tew Reveals She Became Severely Sick & Almost Died Because She Was Unaware She Had AIDS For Almost Ten Years: No I Don’t Know Who Gave It To Me

An Instagram model who has been linked to numerous celebrities shared a story online about how AIDS changed her life forever. 

Recently, Instagram model Gena Tew took it to TikTok to tell her followers how she discovered she contracted AIDS. Gena Tew said:

“Everyone keeps asking how I got AIDS. I didn’t know I had AIDS. I just got sick one day, started fainting, fevers, then I got really weak. I was going to the doctors and no one knew what was wrong. They just kept assuming cancer, cervical cancer, lesions, and then I had some doctor say ‘no you’re perfectly fine, there’s nothing wrong with you.’”

Gena Tew continued:

“Eventually a doctor was like ‘did you know you have AIDS?’ and I’m like ‘no!’ because I wasn’t getting checked like I should have, as much as I was supposed to, so I didn’t know. I lost a lot of weight ‘cause I was in the hospital. I don’t know what happened. From losing all that weight, I lost mobility in my legs so I can’t walk or stand right now but I do my therapy everyday and I do take my pills everyday like I’m supposed to. I take five pills a day.”

Gena Tew added:

“No I don’t know who gave it to me so, you know, I just found out recently. They said if I didn’t show up when I did I would’ve died because my blood count was so low. I was getting blood bags, they was taking bone samples, they were doing a lot because I was so weak, still so weak. I think I have wasting syndrome. I’m not anorexic on purpose, but yeah I hope that answered a bunch of you guys’ questions.”


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The 27-year-old shared in another TikTok that after she became severely ill, doctors discovered she had been battling the virus for about eight to ten years. Gena shared what she was going through in her personal life a decade ago. She said:

“In that time frame I was living in New York City and I was homeless. I did get raped a couple of times, not something I like to talk about. I have had a couple of free tattoos so it could’ve been a dirty needle. I don’t know. Do I know those people? No. Did I say anything when those things happened to me? [No.] Because I was naive, and I was stupid and I was young.”


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Before Gena was diagnosed with AIDS she was seemingly at the peak of her career and had ties to many celebrities in the music industry. She modeled for Chris Brown’s clothing line Black Pyramid and back in 2015. The model shared in 2015 that she connected with rapper Chief Keef and Wild N Out creator Nick Cannon for her birthday. She said:

“Out in LA chilling with the chief keef. Then heading back to NYC for my bday to chill with nick cannon. Life”

Gena also shared a photo in 2016 revealing she connected with rapper Dave East. The model said:

“@daveeast always killing it No matter what beat drop”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill