LeToya Luckett Reflects On How She Met Beyonce: She Just So Happened To Be Sitting In My Assigned Seat

LeToya Luckett Reflects On How She Met Beyonce: She Just So Happened To Be Sitting In My Assigned Seat

LeToya Luckett was nostalgic as she reflected on her first interaction with Queen B.

Recently, LeToya Luckett took social media to share with her followers how she became acquainted with her former group member Beyonce in Houston, Texas. During the video, LeToya Luckett points to a school behind her and says:

“This is my elementary school, Saint James school, this is where I met Beyonce.”

Luckett shares:

“I was that kid who was super familiar with the school, who knew everybody who had been going there. I was going there since I was three years old. On B’s first day of school she just so happened to be sitting in my assigned seat. I pointed that out to the teacher and I said ‘she seems to be misplaced, she’s in my seat,’ and the teacher, Ms. Western, told me to go find me a seat and that I was late so I missed my spot.”

Luckett continues:

“Any who, B and I end up talking after class and you know overtime became very familiar with each other. She saw that I had a love for singing and she, you know, was doing Star Search, big things, but I was in a group with my cousin at the time, so we were kinda both doing our thing, you know?”

The 41-year-old adds:

“So she asked me come an audition for her father. I was in girl scouts in this building, and her father was parked right here at the circular drive and I came out to meet him and he had me a few days later audition for the group and I then became apart of ‘Something Fresh.’ Well at the time it was ‘Girl’s Time’ and then it became ‘Something Fresh’ once I became apart of the group. So you know, that’s where it all started.”

In 1993, Luckett joined Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and LaTavia Roberson in their R&B group Destiny’s Child with Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, being their manager. Beyonce was the lead vocalist, Kelly Rowland was the second-lead vocalist, and Luckett and LaTavia Roberson were background singers. 

In 1995, their R&B group signed and was later dropped by Elektra Records. Eventually, they signed with Columbia Records in 1997. According to some reports, Matthew Knowles forced the young women to sign management agreements with him before signing with the record label. However, Luckett’s mother wanted the contracts to be reviewed by a lawyer prior to the legal document being signed by her daughter, but Matthew Knowles denied the request. Luckett signed with him and joined the girl group anyway.

After Destiny’s Child’s release of two successful studio albums, in late 1999, Luckett and LaTavia Roberson demanded they get their own manager while keeping their current manager, due to the lack of communication from Matthew. After asserting this, Luckett and LaTavia Roberson were replaced by singers Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin. Luckett and Roberson sued Matthew, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland, charging them with breach of partnership and fiduciary duties. Luckett and Roberson eventually withdrew the case against their ex-group member Beyonce and Rowland, but kept the case against Matthew. The case settled with Luckett and Roberson receiving royalties for their contributions as Destiny’s Child founding members. 

Since then, Luckett has released her hit single “Torn,” with debuted at number one on Billboard Hot 100 along with three studio albums.

Letoya Luckett

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill