Letoya Luckett & Ex-Boyfriend Slim Thug Reflect On Previous Relationship, Reveal They Were Once Engaged & Share Why They Broke Up

Big Slim, Letoya Luckett

Letoya Luckett & Ex-Boyfriend Slim Thug Reflect On Previous Relationship, Reveal They Were Once Engaged & Share Why They Broke Up

It takes a certain level of maturity to heal past some relationship pains. However, it seems singer Letoya Luckett and her ex Slim Thug have done just that.

The former couple recently sat down for a conversation on the Green Leaf actresses new YouTube series Leave it to Letoya, where they discussed the history of their 10-year relationship. Letoya Luckett, 41, dated rapper Stayve ‘Slim Thug’ Thomas, 41, in the early 2000’s. The Houston rap artist recently stated he now goes by the stage name Slim Thug. 

During the conversation, the musical pair’s undeniable chemistry flooded the screen as they reminisced on how they met and discussed what initially attracted them to each other. Speaking on her seeing her ex for the first time, the former Destiny’s Child member stated:

“He’s a star. When he walks in I mean, first of all, he’s 6’6.” That’s always cute. He’s handsome”

Slim Thug

She continued:

“It’s a light on him when he walks in any room. It’s attractive. You can’t miss him.”

Slim adorably took his turn next, gushing over Letoya’s fun personality and the endless laughs they share, stating:

“Her sense of humor is high and you’ll really be laughing a lot dealing with Toya….When I got to know her more what I liked about her was the friendship. I felt like we were for real BFFs…We really enjoyed kicking it.”

Letoya Luckett

The fellow musicians also opened up about the hard parts of their relationship. Revealing that at one point they were engaged, Letoya confessed that Slim’s life as a twenty-something upcoming rapper didn’t allow for the two to have a healthy marriage. She stated:

“We were trying to have something very serious at a very young age….You couldn’t see him without seeing me, and that can be attractive to other women. I think he leaned into that a little bit…if you will….He definitely enjoyed himself along that journey,”

Then continued:

“I will say for me, I’ll take responsibility. I would get frustrated and I would leave a lot….The small breakups, disagreements that we would have that would separate us and I would think that it’s a real breakup, it opened up the doors….If we didn’t have that, it wouldn’t have been no issue.”

In January of last year, Letoya announced she was divorcing her husband Tommicus Walker after two children and 3 years of marriage. The “Torn” singer accused her then-husband of infidelities, which he vehemently denied.

Despite the obvious chemistry the two have and both being single, Letoya and Slim claim they have no immediate plans to revisit their romantic past with Letoya stating:

“I have two wonderful children and I have to approach relationships different because of that.”

Letoya Luckett & Family

Slim, however, says he won’t say never, to which his former flame agreed. He stated:

“We friends right now. Let’s see….I’m not closing nothin’. I’m not saying I won’t do nothin’. Let’s see where we grow.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson