Orlando Brown Makes Questionable Sexual Comments About Diddy: He Gave Me The Oosh Gosh Muash & I Loved It

Orlando Brown Makes Questionable Sexual Comments About Diddy: He Gave Me The Oosh Gosh Muash & I Loved It

Orlando Brown continues to call out male celebrities he allegedly had sexual encounters with.

Orlando Brown

During an interview, former Disney star Orlando Brown compared the way he licked his lips to the way music mogul P. Diddy licks his lips. Orlando Brown proceeded to allege that he had a sexual interaction with P. Diddy. The 34-year-old said:

“I got on my Diddy mode, I’m sorry. I started licking my lips, you know what I’m saying? Nah mean?”

He continued while licking his lips:

“Yo Diddy, you gave me the oosh goshh goof wash. You gave me the oosh gosh mooaf, the shoosh smosh. Diddy… yea son.” 

The ‘That’s So Raven’ star added:

“I love it yo, I love it.”

Brown repeated himself while looking into the camera seductively while continuing to lick his lips.

As previously reported, Brown recently called out Kevin Gates for allegedly having sexual relations with his cousin for almost two years. Brown said: 

“If you on some h** sh*t n*gg* ima tell you. That’s some p*ssy *ss sh*t that n*gg* said. You f*ck*ng your cousin n*gg* you wanna drink Beyonce piss n*gg*. N*gg* what the f*ck is wrong with you blood, you stupid. I don’t give a f*ck who you are n*gg* and you my son too n*gg*. You lucky we inside I woulda spit on the floor when I said that sh*t. Real sh*t.”

He continued:

“Man f*ck that! He shouldn’t have never nobody’s piss should go down this man’s throat bro! C’mon my n*gg*. You feel me? You do this sh*t for all the G’s my n*gg*. Every G that watch this sh*t, they’re watching this sh*t like ‘look, check this out, that little n*gg* tellin’ you some real sh*t! Man c’mon bro he shouldn’t have said that sh*t bro, shouldn’t have said that sh*t bro. It made me look like you need help my n*gg*.”

Brown added:

“Cause if you gon’ f*ck your kids, that’s what you said? Yeah n*gga you gon f*ck your kids. That’s what you gon’ do, you f*ck*ng your cousin, you f*ck*ng your aunty, you f*ck*ng your momma, what you gon’ do? Sticking your d*ck in sh*t that don’t belong. Stop playing bro real talk. If you f*ck your cousin, you’d f*ck your mom, you’d f*ck your daughter, you’d f*ck brother, you’d f*ck your sister, you’d f*ck all of em’ bro. You’re a family f*ck*r! The f*ck are you talkin’ about n*gg*?”

He also reiterated that Bow Wow has ‘good p*ssy.’ He disclosed:

“I gave the n*gg* a compliment. I gave him a compliment! Now if you gon’ be mad about having good p*ssy, I don’t know what to tell you n*gg*. F*ck you mean? How the hell you got good p*ssy, you don’t wanna tell nobody you got good p*ssy you just tryna keep all the good p*ssy in the jar.”

Brown continued:

“You tell Bow Wow I said he got the speed, that’s it. I ain’t got nothing to say to the n*gg*.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill