John Singleton’s Infant Son To Appear In ‘Snowfall’, Entire Episode Will Be A Tribute To Late Director

John Singleton, Son Seven

John Singleton’s Infant Son To Appear In ‘Snowfall’, Entire Episode Will Be Tribute To Late Director

John Singleton’s legacy is living on in many ways, including through his son, Seven. Singleton passed away on April 28, roughly two weeks after suffering a massive stroke. He was 51-years-old.

Now, his one-year-old tot is reportedly slated to make a very special cameo on the third season finale for the FX series Snowfall. The cast and crew of the show came together to switch up the entire episode to salute Singleton, who co-created the series that tells the stories of the crack epidemic in Los Angeles that dates back to the 80s. The new episode will feature a young version of Singleton in his days before his entire life changed with his career-making project “Boyz In The Hood” that hit theaters on July 2, 1991.

While it was reportedly tough to change the episode after Singleton’s shocking death, word is everyone was on board and did what was necessary to make it happen.

As for Seven, he’s no stranger to the show as his dad often brought him on set and often spoke on how he wanted Seven to make an appearance.

And it’s safe to say they took care of him on set as he was spotted snapping photos with some of the cast.

Season 3 of “Snowfall” premieres on July 10. The finale that features Seven will air on September 11.

Prayers and thoughts for John Singleton’s family, friends and fans!

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