Juice WRLD’s Mother Purchased The Most Expensive Estate In Burr Ridge, Illinois At $8.3 Million Dollars

Juice WRLD’s Mother Reportedly Purchased The Most Expensive Estate In Burr Ridge, Illinois At $8.3 Million Dollars

Carmella Wallace is living the life that her late son, rapper Juice WRLD, would’ve wanted her to live!

According to reports, Carmella Wallace recently copped Burr Ridge, Illinois’ finest piece of property, which tallied up to a grand total of $8.3 million.

Juice WRLD and mom Carmela Wallace

Located in one of Burr Ridge’s fanciest neighborhoods, she not only acquired a lavish mansion but also a pretty chunk of land to go with it.

While the pad went for $6.9 million, the turf accompanying Carmella Wallace’s purchase was allegedly 1.4 million, deeming it the largest real-estate investment ever made in the town’s history.

Reportedly, the luxurious home, which sits at 17,000 square feet, includes six bedrooms and six (and a half!) bathrooms.

A notable businesswoman herself, Carmella Wallace is the co-owner of Homewood Brewing Company in Homewood, Illinois, which she was said to have been launching in honor of her son, Juice WLRD.

Juice Wrld

Born Jarad Anthony Higgins, celebrated artist Juice WRLD passed away in December of 2019 at the tender age of 21.

The “Legends Never Die” lyricist died after suffering a seizure that was brought on by an accidental drug overdose.

Wallace opened up about the musician’s death in an interview, where she expressed that she felt like his inner circle could’ve been a part of her son’s opioid addiction.

“I just felt like his best interest wasn’t being looked out for. I think people had their own agendas. I think they liked the lifestyle. And they were young too, so I have to give them that. They’re young so they don’t see things the way we would see it but I just think that he just didn’t have the people in place to just tell him to stop or to know [what was really wrong]. He just didn’t have that support system in place.”

She also spoke on Juice WRLD’s decision to seek professional help for his problem:

“Months before then in September when I went to see him, he seemed like himself. You know, like my baby. We just had such a good time hanging out. I brought him one of his favorite sandwiches from Chicago. We were just hanging out and you know, he wasn’t doing the lean anymore. I could tell there was a difference in him and that he wasn’t doing the lean. I think he was still doing pills, but he told me he was ready to get help. It was just a special moment. We just had that moment where I just knew he was going to overcome it.”

Although pained by the loss, Carmella Wallace is doing everything in her power to keep the youngster’s legacy alive.

Last year, Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album, Fighting Demons, was released in conjunction with his documentary, Juice Wrld: Into the Abyss.

Our continued prayers are with Juice WRLD’s family and friends.

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell