Aaliyah Trends As Fans Continue To Reflect On Her Passing 21 Years Later


Aaliyah Trends As Fans Continue To Reflect On Her Passing 21 Years Later

Late singer Aaliyah will never be forgotten.

As you may already know, on August 25, 2001, the world was shocked to learn that famed entertainer Aaliyah passed away at the age of 22. The “One In A Million” songstress died in an airplane accident in the Bahamas, reportedly when the overloaded aircraft she was traveling in crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all nine passengers on board.

Today (Aug. 25), 21 years later, Aaliyah is trending on Twitter as fans reflect on her vibrant career and her hit R&B tunes. One Twitter user wrote,

“21 years ago today we tragically lost a truly amazing talent far too soon, RIP to the legendary Aaliyah Dana Haughton”

Another added,

“21 years ago today you left us beautiful Aaliyah, I’ll keep playing your music and keeping your memory alive,R.I.P Baby Girl”

Aaliyah’s fans also shared an old interview where she chatted about what she hopes her legacy will be. She said,

“Right now it’s hard to say what I what my legacy to be. You know, what I want people to say when I’m long gone. At this point, right now, I’m going to say that I want people to see me as an entertainer.” 

Others added,

Aaliyah first gained recognition at the age of ten when she appeared on the talent competition TV series Star Search. However, her career really took off with the release of her 1994 debut album Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. Her second album One in a Million was released two years later in 1996 and her 3rd and final studio project, Aaliyah, came in 2001.


In addition to music, Aaliyah was also making her mark in the film world as well. She appeared in a few featured films before her passing including the 2000 movie Romeo Must Die.

Aaliyah on the Set of Her Video Try Again (circa 2000)

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel