Diddy Clarifies His Remarks That ‘R&B Is Dead’: It’s not to disrespect anybody.


Diddy Clarifies His Remarks That ‘R&B Is Dead’: the R&B Games Needs More Love, Vulnerability, Support!!

Diddy (real name Sean Combs) is setting the record straight following comments he made about the current state of R&B.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, the 52-year-old music industry mogul said,

“It’s been 3 days of the debate…This is the clarity of the message…It’s not disrespect to anybody. This conversation was out of love and me purposely wanting to bring attention to R&B! It was something that I saw the effect of the Hip hop and R&B balance. That balance is honesty and realness when it comes together, melodies, vulnerability and most importantly LOVE!!!

He added,

“This message is that R&B game needs more love, vulnerability, support!!”

Diddy via Twitter

Diddy‘s tweets come following remarks he made during a conversation with Timbaland on Wednesday, August 19. During the conversation, which took place via Instagram Live, Diddy asserted that,

“R&B is muthaf*ckin’ dead as of right now. The R&B I made my babies to? R&B gotta be judged to a certain thing—it’s the feeling though, doggy. No, no, no. It’s a feeling. You gotta be able to sing for R&B and then you gotta tell the truth. R&B is not a hustle. This sh*t is about feeling your vulnerability.”

While some people may agree with Diddy’s comments, there are quite a few who don’t — and that list includes celebrities. According to Usher Raymond,

“When I hear people say stuff like, ‘what happened to R&B or R&B is dead,’ it’s not, you just don’t understand the basis of it. As a matter of fact, maybe I need a reminder [or an] understanding of what it is. How can something come out 20 something odd years ago and then all of a sudden have a resurgence in a way that people just want to … talk about it, sing it, enjoy it. It’s because it’s classic. … That’s R&B, that’s what R&B is. R&B is timeless, it ain’t gonna go away.”

He added,

“So when I do hear people, even like Puff saying ‘R&B is dead,’ he sounds nuts to me. It sounds crazy.”

Given that Diddy just recently introduced his R&B-focused label (in collaboration with Motown Records) his remarks were definitely perplexing, to say the least. theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported Diddy’s partnership with Motown Records in April.


It was revealed a month later that he was formally launching his new R&B label, Love Records. For the first-time in his more than 20-year career, the record executive/entrepreneur has inked a one-time album deal with Motown Records. His album is slated to be released any day now.

Diddy reportedly intends to use Love Records as a vehicle to concentrate only on R&B through the release of songs and team-up projects with musicians, producers, and songwriters.

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Authored by: S. G.