Joe Budden Speaks On Rory & Mal’s Departure From Podcast: It’s Just Too Many Chefs [VIDEO]

Jamil “Mal” Clay, Rory Farrell, Joe Budden

Joe Budden Speaks On Rory & Mal’s Departure From Podcast: It’s Just Too Many Chefs [VIDEO]

Joe Budden recently opened up about his talk/music podcast that made headlines last year after a falling out with his former co-hosts.

As previously reported, two of the show’s longest-running co-hosts, Mal (born Jamil Clay) and Rory (full name Rory Farrell) departed “The Joe Budden Podcast” after host Joe Budden fired Rory on-air. In an alleged leaked audio from earlier this year, Joe Budden addresses the pair allegedly not pulling their weight and still feeling “entitled to more.” Since leaving the podcast, the media personalities have started their own show called “New Rory & Mal.”

In a new interview, Budden, 41, spoke on the podcast breakup and shared that the trio “would’ve went crazy” had they stayed together. However, the former rapper noted that communication and trust interfered with the podcasters success. When asked where would they be if the hosts stayed together, Budden responded,

“Another one I wouldn’t even ask myself. I guess, ‘Where would we be if we stayed together and we were in our greatest form?’ That’s how I hear that question. And the truth of that is it wasn’t that for a little while. And then you gotta go through trying to mask that publicly.”

He continued,

“And that’s back to people having their own visions and how to do this. How they want it to go, how they want it to feel, what deal you should take, what deal you shouldn’t take. It’s just too many chefs. So we went through that for a little while. And it’s tuff ‘cause when you start working with your friends, sometimes you speak less on the friendship side.”

Rory, Joe Budden, Mal

Budden explained,

“We just working, we getting to it. Now some of that communication fades, with that trust fades. Some other things start to fade. You watch a friendship deteriorate but now you’re at work. Again, this is in real-time. So to answer your question, if none of that existed, sky was the limit.” 

The “Pump It Up” rapper added that he wants the best for his former co-hosts in terms of ownership. He added,

“What I used to always say was, ‘D*mn, I can’t wait ‘til one of you n*ggas make it. I can’t wait ’til one of you get to sit in this seat so you understand. And sure enough a bunch of n*ggas started making it, and a bunch of n*ggas started to understand.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely