Mal And Rory Of ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’ Speak Out Following Audio Leak, Joe Budden Responds: If You’re Unhappy, You Should Do Something Different

Mal And Rory Of ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’ Speak Out Following Audio Leak, Joe Budden Responds: If You’re Unhappy, You Should Do Something Different

Last week, audio of Joe Budden going off on co-hosts Rory Farrell and Mal Clay leaked, and the pair has now publicly spoken on the drama!

In a sit-down, Rory Farrell and Mal Clay addressed the behind-the-scenes issues that plagued The Joe Budden Podcast. Speaking on Joe Budden‘s alleged egotism, Mal Clay claimed:

“It feels like a lot of the success of this podcast is based off of his music career, right? I think he thinks it’s a trickle-down effect from his music career to the podcast. And my thing is, it’s not. I’ve been in some of these cities when you were a rapper, Joe… this many people weren’t showing up for you.”

Mal continued:

“He said something at the Highline Boardroom Show we did when we were in the dressing room. He had went outside, he had recorded the people wrapping around the corner and he came back and he said ‘Yo, I got these n****s wrapped around the block. I got the line around the corner.’ And I looked at him and said ‘Joe, you don’t have the line around the corner–we have the line around the corner. ‘Cause you’ve done shows here before, and you’ve never had the line around the corner.”

Mal also addressed Joe Budden allegedly having unsavory business practices, including not honoring their contracts. He alleged:

“We have a profit agreement, a percentage-based contract with each other, and every time we asked for accounting there was a problem… If you’re not gonna honor this contract like you said in front of other people, then it’s like ‘this s**t ain’t gon’ work’ It’s not gon’ work. And like I said, if respect ain’t there, I’m not there.”


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Later in the same sit-down, Rory Farrell addressed how crewmembers were allegedly overworked and underpaid for their efforts. After addressing the issue, Rory then mentioned that he offered to take a pay cut and give additional funds from their Patreon to the behind-the-scenes crew–which was corroborated by Mal. Rory claimed:

“I said ‘don’t pay me. Let’s put it into production, let’s put it into the guys.’ This is not about money to me. Let’s keep this shit moving. Like I don’t need this s**t. We could just stick to whatever contract… I don’t need it right now.”

However, Joe Budden has taken to Instagram Live to address his former co-hosts’ video. In his Live, Joe claimed:

“I know they said what they said, but it’s not true. And I as the business owner can’t get on the internet and start talking about people’s contracts. It’s not professional.”

He continued:

“They’ve been unhappy with the way s**t has been running for a few years it seems. And I was the last to know. But if you’re unhappy, you should do something different. I’m not trying to be a d**k. You shouldn’t continue to be somewhere where you’re not happy with the situation. I may have handled it wrong, but, man, you can’t do that. And you can’t attack your man ’cause you’re mad at the situation. You can’t do that.”

Joe then directly responds to Rory and Mal‘s claims regarding them giving up their checks to help underpaid crewmembers, claiming:

“It’s my responsibility to make sure everyone gets paid here including you gentlemen. It’s not y’all’s responsibility to relinquish a check for people that are receiving a check. It doesn’t work like that–sorry.”

Then, Joe goes on to address the allegations of him not honoring Rory and Mal‘s contracts, saying:

“[The contract] doesn’t say that they’re profit participants of the podcast, and I think that’s what they may have thought, I don’t know. But watching their video, I still don’t think they know what the contract says. But it says something to the effect of they make money off of my podcast earnings net. That’s very different… You make a percentage of what I net from this work operation.”

The back-and-forth between Joe Budden, Rory Farrell, and Mal Clay is raging on, leaving the court of public opinion to decide how they feel about the matter.

What do you think about Mal and Rory’s claims, as well as Joe Budden’s response? Comment down below to let us know!

Authored by: Nick Fenley