Al B. Sure Working On Project About His Life, Seemingly Hints Film Will Discuss How Diddy Was Allegedly Involved With His Life Threatening Coma

Al B. Sure, Diddy

Al B. Sure Is Working On A Project About His Life, Seemingly Hints Film Will Discuss How Diddy Was Allegedly Involved With His Life Threatening Coma

Singer/songwriter Al B. Sure is producing a movie about his life.

The 55-year-old discussed the project during a recent awards show appearance, reportedly hinting that film will include some more violence accusations against Diddy.


Reportedly, Al B. Sure, real name Albert Joseph Brown III, discussed his movie biopic while attending the Equal Justice Now Awards in L.A. this past Friday (March 29th). An interviewer asked the musician his thoughts on the damaging sexual abuse and assault allegations shrouding his colleague Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, 54. Al made clear he had no intentions to speak on another man’s business, but did wink after stating:

“I’m working on a life story as we speak and the way I got to be in a coma, stay tuned.”

As we previously reported, Al shared he suddenly went into a 3 month coma back in November 2022, revealing the health scare nearly took his life. In a graphic and lengthy post on Instagram uploaded during his recovery, the “Forever My Lady” artist delineated the numerous medical procedures he endured at the time. However, he kept quiet on the exact events leading up to the hospitalization.

Now, it seems Al plans to reveal all in his movie. The singer’s insinuation about Diddy comes in the midst of several allegations against the Bad Boys Records founder. As you may know, the billionaire is currently facing multiple lawsuits with plaintiffs alleging he’s guilty of repeatedly sexually abusing, assaulting, and exploiting them. Diddy has also been accused of non sexual violence. If you recall, Cassie suggested in her abuse lawsuit that Diddy blew up rapper Kid Cudi’s car for flirting with her, making Al’s suggestion that Diddy might somehow be responsible for his coma slightly more validated.

The two musicians have certainly had their fair share of tension in the past as they, at one point, were vying over the same woman. In case you’re unfamiliar, they both share kids with late model Kim Porter. Al and Porter share their 32-year-old son Quincy together while Diddy shares son King, 25, and daughters Jessie James and D’Lila, 17, with the model.

Diddy & his kids

Al went on his interview to ask for prayers for Diddy’s kids and spoke about him previously telling Quincy to come home. As we recently reported, the singer made his plea to his child after Diddy’s homes were raided amid an investigation into his many abuse claims. Quincy and Diddy share a close relationship, as he grew up with is mother in the hip-hop icon’s household.

Al claimed, however, that he’s in good standing with his son and meant no shade with his post.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson