Rapper Sauce Walka Says Someone Lost Their Life Trying To Rob Him For His Jewelry [VIDEO]

Rapper Sauce Walka Says Someone Lost Their Life Trying To Rob Him For His Jewelry [VIDEO]

A man appears to have sadly spent his last day on Earth failing to rob Sauce Walka for his jewelry.

Recently, a video of a California man surrounded by police, underneath a white blanket surfaced the internet. Sources state that the man passed away after he attempted to rob rapper Sauce Walka for his jewelry. 

Sauce Walka took to social media to address the incident. The 32-year-old said:

“Aye man, I really ain’t wanna speak on this sh*t but I know it’s too many young Black kings and young kings out there that’s being misleaded and misguided wrong learning half of the game and not the whole game, so y’all need to learn from this experience that I went through tonight. Because being a rapper is one of the most dangerous jobs in America.”

The Houston, Texas native shared:

“It’s a lot of young men out here that wanna do this sh*t, but don’t know everything that come with it, but I wanted to speak on this part right here, understand this. Everybody don’t go. Everybody don’t go and everybody ain’t going and I’m one of them people that’s not going. So unfortunately tonight somebody lost their life for doing something stupid!”

Sauce Walka, born Albert Walker Mondane, said:

“And I don’t know how it happened or what was going on but I really would like all the young Black men around here to learn before all the tabloids and the bullsh*t and the fake stories get out there, I want y’all to learn from this experience. You know I’m still standing here ten toes down. All my jewelry and everything that I worked hard for I don’t want you to go to these dumb*ss situations for doing something stupid to somebody that taught you or led you to do. That you can go be a king, you can go be LeBron James, you can go be a lawyer, you can go be Sauce Walka, but understand this, being this sh*t right here? —”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill