Update – ‘RHOBH’ Star Diana Jenkins Allowed To Subpoena Meta In Hopes Of Finding Who Is Responsible For Sending Garcelle Beauvais’ Teenage Son Racist Messages 

Diana Jenkins, Garcelle Beauvais

Update – ‘RHOBH’ Star Diana Jenkins Allowed To Subpoena Meta In Hopes Of Finding Who Is Responsible For Sending Garcelle Beauvais’ Teenage Son Racist Messages 

Update (Sept. 21): It looks like Diana Jenkins is serious about getting to the bottom of who is responsible for targeting her ‘RHOBH’ co-star’s kid online.

According to new reports, a judge has granted Jenkins the ability to subpoena Meta — the mega company behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp- – so she can identify the user(s) who attacked Garcelle Beauvais’ teenage son. Court documents revealed that the subpoena will allow Jenkins to seek information the company has surrounding the accounts that recently sent hateful and threatening social media messages to Beauvais’ 14-year-old child, Jax.

Original Story (Sept. 8): Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Diana Jenkins is taking legal action against anonymous bot users.

According to a report from Radar Online, the 48-year-old TV personality recently filed the suit with Los Angeles Superior Court for “invasion of privacy by false light”. In the filing, Diana Jenkins cited she’s looking to unmask the person behind the bot responsible for viciously attacking her co-star Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old son online. As previously reported, Beauvais, 55, and her son Jax released emotional statements after his social media account was flooded with insensitive and racially charged hate messages late last month. Subsequently, fans suspected Beauvais‘ show ‘frenemies’ Erika Jayne as well as Jenkins to be the orchestrators.

Reportedly, the lawsuit reads:

“Bad people do bad things. It is wrong to send racist and bullying messages to a fourteen-year-old boy. It is wrong to deceive the public into believing an innocent woman is responsible for sending these messages. And it is wrong to mastermind this hateful campaign in anonymity.”

And continues:
“This action seeks to unmask and hold accountable the morally bankruptcy person who has attacked a child and placed blame for his/her actions on Ms. Jenkins.”

Diana Jenkins

Speaking personally about the incident, Jenkins reportedly stated that Beauvais and her family have “endured emotional turmoil that no one should experience.” The mother of three additionally claims that her own family and reputation has suffered by the actions of the bot user as well. The legal document reportedly reads:

“[Jenkins] reputation has been irreparably harmed by post after post accusing her of being the person behind the bot attack….This action is the only way Ms. Jenkins has to fight back against the anonymous coward who decided to put her reputation, livelihood and life in jeopardy.”

Diana Jenkins & Family

The report also notes that Jenkins‘ legal team plans to subpoena Meta, the parent company of Instagram, to uncover any information about the individual(s) behind the bot attacks.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson