Chloe Bailey Reveals She Doesn’t Have ‘The Closest Relationship’ w/ Her Parents Anymore, Fans Speculate Disconnect Is Due To Singer’s Sexualized Image As A Solo Artist

Chloe Bailey Reveals She Doesn’t Have ‘The Closest Relationship’ w/ Her Parents Anymore, Fans Speculate Disconnect Is Due To Singer’s Sexualized Image As A Solo Artist

Fame is getting real for Chloe Bailey… and her family as well.

Over the weekend, Chloe Bailey took to Twitter Spaces to address a few things that she’d been wanting to get off of her chest, and in doing so, she briefly opened up about the distant bond that she now has with her parents, Doug and Courtney Bailey.

Chloe Bailey w/ siblings, Halle and Branson, and parents

The conversation seemingly arose after speaking about her current closeness with Godmother Shermay, who she’s previously credited as “the light” in her life. Back in February, Chloe Bailey posted a sentimental message to the lovely lady in honor of her birthday.

When discussing the major role that Shermay plays in her life, the “Surprise” songstress said,

“I could not do this thing called life without you. You believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. You life me up no matter how strong or weak I may feel. Thank you for being the light in my life, and I am so grateful and honored to know you and love you.”

During her Twitter Space, Bailey further elaborated on how her Godmother has been aiding her in working through her anxiety. The topic (seemingly) stemmed from remarks made about the 24-year-old seen holding her hand recently.

She started off,

“To all the people saying stuff about me holding my Godmom’s hand, guys, I suffer from anxiety. Like, you all don’t know how bad–it’s really bad!”

Bailey continued:

“I have really, really bad anxiety. Any time [Halle] and I are together, what am I doing? I’m holding her hand. Any time I’m out with anybody–whether it’s girlfriends or something–I’m holding their hands. My Godmom is like… she is my safe haven and my safe space. And she has to stop wearing rings sometimes because I’m squeezing her hand so hard.”

Chloe Bailey

Bailey’s session of transparency progressed when she mentioned her dislike for the public commenting on her loved ones in an ill manner. Additionally, she brought up the shocking fact that, these days, her relationship with her mother and father is estranged, but she refused to say why right now.

“You all don’t know [Shermay] has been like my number-one rock and my support system when I’ve been like destructing inside. So, please, don’t talk about my sister, don’t talk about my Godmom, don’t talk about family. I will come for you! And, you know, I don’t have the closest relationship with my parents. Maybe, one day, down the line, I’ll share why. But… it’s nice that I have a solid support system.”

If you didn’t know, prior to their solo endeavors, Chloe Bailey’s parents were reportedly responsible for the success that she and her sister, Halle, had with their acclaimed duo ChloexHalle. Various photos of the Baileys (around the internet) indicate that they once had a tight-knit unit.

Chloe Bailey, father Doug, and sister Halle

However, it has been said that, last year, she ultimately fired her father, Doug, who was supposedly her manager, and sought outside representation. Allegedly, at this moment–although we can’t be too sure–Beyoncé’s stepbrother is managing her.

Many have suspected that the downfall of Bailey’s relationship with her parents was a result of her sexualized image as a standalone artist.

Not much else has been said from Bailey about the matter, but we do hope that reconciliation for all parties involved is somewhere in the near future. The Georgia native may be keeping the logistics of this situation under wraps, but she’s never been one to hold her tongue.

Not too long ago, she made headlines for defending fellow singer Normani against criticism about her musicianship and society’s relentless comparison between the two.


The “Treat Me” phenomenon said,

“Let me tell you something, I love Normani. She is a bad b*tch. Her body is out of this world. I wish I had her t*tties, and she’s a great dancer and performer. You guys don’t know half the sh*t that us as Black women in the music industry go through and from what I’ve seen she works very hard. That’s why I sympathize so much because I feel like sometimes we go through the same thing. But nobody knows that.”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell