DaniLeigh — Radio Personality Kendra G Calls Out Singer For Allegedly Requesting She Be Removed From Interview On Chicago Morning Show: Sit Your Goofy A** Down

DaniLeigh, Kendra G

DaniLeigh — Radio Personality Kendra G Calls Out Singer For Allegedly Requesting She Be Removed From Interview On Chicago Morning Show: Sit Your Goofy A** Down

Chicago morning show host Kendra G claims R&B artist DaniLeigh tried to have her removed from an interview.

Monday morning (October 3), Chicago’s 107.5 WCGI host Kendra G blasted DaniLeigh for allegedly requesting to have her removed from an interview she was set to do during her stay in the city.


The TV and radio personality took to her official Instagram account and shared a video in response to the singer/songwriter’s alleged attempt, in which she gave DaniLeigh the title of “Goofy A** Person Of The Day” and revealed her segment was clipped entirely. Kendra G, 42, said,

“DaniLeigh’s in the city of Chicago. I don’t know why. Probably a high school appearance. But she was set to do an interview with the ‘Morning Show’ and she requested that I, Kendra G, be removed from the interview because she was uncomfortable talking to me.”

Kendra G

The radio host continued,

“Girlfriend, this ain’t Wild N’ Out. You ain’t gon B. Simone me. Now your whole interview has been canceled. But I’m trying to figure out why you didn’t want to talk to me in the first place.”

Kendra went on to share that she broadcasted her support for Dani when she was going through her public falling out with her ex-boyfriend and child’s father, DaBaby, 30. She explained,

“I actually been on the radio defending your honor. I really felt a way when your baby daddy played you in that infamous IG Live and I defended you on the radio.”

B. Simone, DaBaby

Dani’s alleged request comes after she requested regular cast member B. Simone be removed from an episode of “Wild N’ Out.” Kendra shared,

“Now shoutout to B. Simone who I know in real-life, rock with in real-life. But I actually understood why you didn’t want to do Wild N’ Out with [B. Simone]. But I’m still trying to figure out why you didn’t want to talk to me. Are you nervous I’m going to ask you the questions that need to be asked? Like, are you still sleeping with your baby daddy after he beat your brother up? And played you on the IG Live? And you know what, I probably would’ve asked you that question because I need to know. Because if you forgave him, that means I need to forgive him.”

DaniLeigh, DaBaby

Kendra continued to go in on the 27-year-old “Easy” singer’s past controversy surrounding becoming DaBaby’s baby mama and said,

“You know what, I would’ve asked all those questions because it’s my job. It’s what I do. I ask the questions that the people want to know. Maybe, you should focus on your job being in the studio and making hits and we could talk about your music and not your personal life. That’s not my fault that your personal life is more interesting than your music. That’s your fault.”

Kendra added,

“So with that being said, sit your goofy a** down. Enjoy Chicago while you’re here.”

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Dani has since denied Kendra’s claims. Shortly after the post was shared, the songstress responded via her IG stories and wrote,

“ok this isn’t true … wassuppppp y’all??? whaaats going onn? i’ve never heard anything about this

However, Kendra shared via her own IG that she has “no reason to lie.”

As previously reported, Dani had “Wild N’ Out” comedian B. Simone, 32, removed from the episode when she guest appeared, due to the podcaster’s alleged romantic relationship with rapper DaBaby. As a result, the musician faced tons of backlash online. However, she addressed the rumors during an IG Live by noting B. Simone’s diss track seemingly aimed at her and claimed to have found inappropriate messages between Simone and DaBaby. The famed dancer/choreographer said,

“She just did a whole diss song about me, I didn’t say nothing about it. I seen text messages between him and her, I didn’t say nothing about it. And that’s what it was….I’m handling the situation maturely because….I’m not say anything….She on a TV interview…trying to make this a whole whatever and it just is what it is. I don’t even want to talk about it.”

Dani added she wouldn’t have done the “Wild N’ Out” episode if she knew drama would be the result. She stated,

“Real life stuff has happened. You guys don’t know details. If I don’t want to be around somebody it ain’t no diva thing it’s just ‘hey is it cool she’s not on this episode’. I don’t think it was that deep. I’m sorry….I really wouldn’t have did the episode if I would’ve known all this would’ve came out of it. I’d rather have not done it.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely