Lebron James Recalls Two Strangers Crash His Wedding: Nobody Knew Them, They Walked Out With A Plate & Everything

Lebron & Savannah James

Lebron James Recalls Having Two Strangers Crash His Wedding: Nobody Knew Them, They Walked Out With A Plate & Everything

Looks like even the most famous celebs can experience wedding crashers.

During a recent episode of his talk series The Shop, NBA champion Lebron James revealed there were two people that succeeded in sneaking into his wedding. Lebron James, 37, married his wife Savannah Brinson-James, 36, back in 2013. Though the Lakers star was already an international name by then, it seems that didn’t stop some randoms from gaining access to their intimate ceremony.

Lebron James Savannah James

The conversation started after newly married Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors spoke about uninvited people attending his wedding. Green married former Basketball Wives star Hazel Renee back in August of this year. Around the 4 minute mark, after Greene spoke about how he “sniffed out” his wedding posers, James responded:

“Imma go even deeper….We had two wedding crashers….that no one knew.”

He continued:

“This how they got sniffed out. I had a celebrity friend walk by, and they called them they real name that none of us call him….say if it was you, and you walk by and they be like ‘What’s up Paul?’…and so you come to me, you like ‘Hey Bron hey – aye you know these n*ggas?’, I’m like ‘no why what’s wrong’, he like ‘these n*ggas just called me paul….everybody in my family know im PR ain’t nobody go call me Paul'”

Lebron James, Savannah James

After everyone breaks out in laughter, James goes on to explain how security then addressed the false guests, who immediately attempted to attach themselves to the nearest true invitee. He continued:

“So my security go over to ’em and say ‘Hey, hey – who y’all with?’ They like ‘Oh we with him’. And when they said him, him turned around at the same time and was ‘Hell no! Them motherf**kers ain’t with me’….And they got put out swear to God. Them motherf**kers walked out with a plate and everything. I [almost] smacked that sh*t on the ground”

Savannah James, Lebron James

Despite having impromptu wedding guests, it seems the moment didn’t put too much of a damper on the day, and certainly no longterm juju. Lebron and Savannah are often hailed as being “relationship goals” for maintaining a seemingly unbreakable bond while navigating the life of being famous. The two are parents to three children, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri. The James family recently wowed during their recent Vanity Fair photoshoot, portraying the epitome image of a strong Black family.

James Family

Earlier this year, the parents of three circulated headlines after revealing they were planning a wedding vow renewal. Hopefully this time around, there will be top notch security that will prevent any unknowns from crashing their special day!

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Authored by: Kay Johnson