Soulja Boy Pays Stranger $1K To Be His Official ‘Sandwich Holder’ [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Pays Stranger $1K To Be His Official ‘Sandwich Holder’ [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy is handing out bands when the time comes for him to eat a sandwich!

According to reports, the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper says he’s the first rapper to have a “sandwich holder” on his team. Soulja Boy, born DeAndre Cortez Way, recently put up a stack of money to hire a complete stranger as his official sandwich holder.

Soulja Boy

In a video that surfaced on social media over the weekend, the 32-year-old rapper and record producer shared the news while standing next to the latest member of his team. Soulja Boy said,

“I’m the first rapper with a sandwich holder.” 

The Chicago native turned his phone to the man holding the sandwich and added,

“Hold my sandwich, n*gga.”

Soulja Boy

The man obliged and responded,

“That n*gga gave me $1,000 to hold a sandwich. I’ma a sandwich-holding son of a b*tch!”

Hiring an official sandwich holder is one of the many things Soulja has done lately to make headlines.

As previously reported, Grammy Award-winning singer Teddy Riley, 55, recently demanded an apology from Soulja for allegedly putting his hands on his daughter, Nia Riley, 33. During an interview with DJ Vlad, the song-writer shared,

“Soulja Boy knows who I am and he knows I’m deep. He knows I’m very deep. We had an altercation, I was called a lot of names and I got an apology. I’m looking for an apology for what he has done to my daughter. I’m looking for that. As a man, I’m looking for that, and I think she deserves it, you know? Not even me, ‘cause here’s someone that really stuck beside him, did the show for him. ‘Cause she thought this was gonna happen and it was gonna be them.”

Teddy Riley continued,

“I watched them live together and I ain’t know all of that was going on. So I think if he were to be a man, a true man, which you rarely find a lot of them out there, who are able to really become a man and have a heart to say something as — that equals to an apology to make it right. If you don’t, you reap what you sow, you know? You reap what you sow.”

He added,

“I just feel like it’s wrong and I hope that he make it right or you reap what you sow. I’m not doing any threats or anything and I don’t do that. We don’t do that, but he gotta understand that you gotta be a man about it, just be a man about it and keep it moving cause he’s a successful guy. Why — why all this? And why does it have to be violent? I call guys like that and I got some of those guys in my crew, and I’ll tell em ‘you’re a coward. You’re a coward for hitting a woman.’ The best thing to do is walk away. ‘Cause if that woman loves you she gon’ be trailing right behind you and she loved that man.”

Soulja got word of Teddy Riley’s interview and took to Instagram Live to let off some steam. During his rant, he implied that DJ Vlad works for the police. He exclaimed,

“Talkin’ bout, you can drop all the Teddy Riley interviews all you want you still a b*tch! You still the police. F*ck you talm ’bout. Bringing Teddy Riley into this sh*t. He ain’t got sh*t to do with this DJ Vlad, you’s a b*tch.”

Teddy Riley

Soulja added,

“You could drop all the interviews you want, speaking on my name, I’m still a gangsta. I’m still viral. I’m still number one. Stop bringing Teddy Riley into this DJ Vlad. You b*tch, he ain’t got sh*t to do with this, b*tch *ss n*gg*. Bringing up sh*t from five six years ago. Let’s talk about right now. Let’s talk about how you getting rappers locked up b*tch.”

Soulja previously released a statement denying the claims, while threatening to take legal action. A rep for the “Rick & Morty” rapper said,

“I vehemently and unequivocally deny these allegations. I am in contact with my legal team and the appropriate legal action will be taken against these lies.”

The rep added,

“Soulja would never put his hands on a female. He wouldn’t beat a woman or put his hands on a woman … this is non-sense!!!”


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Soulja Boy, Nia Riley

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely