DDG Speaks On Amanda Seales Telling Halle Bailey to Dump Him: Why Would You Speak On A Young Relationship Like That?

DDG, Halle Bailey, Amanda Seales

DDG Speaks On Amanda Seales Telling Halle Bailey to Dump Him: Why Would You Speak On A Young Relationship Like That?

DDG is seemingly fed up with the media speaking about his personal life.

Halle Bailey, DDG

In a recent interview, rapper DDG opened up about how he felt when comedian Amanda Seales suggested Halle Bailey call it quits with him. DDG said:

“I thought that was lame. I don’t even know who that is and that’s not even no disrespectful sh*t. I genuinely do not know who that woman is.”

DDG, born Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., continued:

“The engagement on that post though, I seen that b*tch. I’m like ‘10,000 comments?’ Who the f*ck is this? Talkin’ bout ‘break up’ how old is she?”

He added:

“Why would you even be speakin on a young relationship like that?”

Amanda Seales

The interviewer disclaimed that Amanda Seales is 41 years old. In shock DDG, who celebrated his 25th birthday on Oct. 10, exclaimed:

“41? Like what the f*ck? Who, at your big age, that’s how you talkin’? About a 24-year-old and a 22-year-old dating?”

Not caring about Amanda Seales being a comedian, the Michigan native shared:

“I get it but it’s like, it was still lame. It was still just, sh*t was corny as hell.”

He admitted:

“You don’t know what the f*ck – You don’t know what’s going on and that sh*t was completely misconstrued and that’s how the internet just be flippin’ sh*t.”

The YouTuber added:

“I just keep my mouth shut at this point. Cause it’s like I just let people wonder what they wanna wonder. I can say something to defend it and they’ll flip that. It’s like arguing with a girl. That’s how girls be though. You’ll fix the situation and they’ll m*th*rf*ck*ng flip the way you fixed it or just keep going it’s like they always find loop holes to f*ck*ng make the argument longer and sh*t. It’s like that’s just how girls do. But it’s like on the internet it’s just worse cause like it’s no filter, they just gon’ hate no matter how great you do.”

As previously reported, DDG’s response to the actress comes after she responded to a tweet disclaiming that the rapper thought racism was left in the past amid the backlash Halle Bailey received for her role as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.”

Reading the tweet Amanda said:

“Halle Bailey’s boyfriend DDG says he wasn’t aware of racism was still an issue until ‘The Little Mermaid’ backlash. ‘I thought Martin Luther King canceled that sh*t out.'”

The “Insecure” actress added:

“Gotta break up with him. Gotta do it. ‘Cause she may not get a STD but she gon get STS. Sexually transmitted stupidity. Gotta do it.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill