K. Michelle Seemingly Mocks Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend & Reacts To Her Fans Amidst Reignited Feud: Them Muppet Babies Is Mad!

K. Michelle, David Adefeso, Tamar Braxton

K. Michelle Seemingly Mocks Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend & Reacts To Her Fans Amidst Reignited Feud: Them Muppet Babies Is Mad!

Update #2 (June 20th): K. Michelle might have reacted to what Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend, David Adefeso had to say about their reignited feud.

She took advantage of Twitter’s new voice note feature and said in an African accent,

“My brother, it also made me sad when I saw her no edges…”

She also seemed to poke fun at Tamar Braxton’s fans when she said in another voice note,

“Them muppet babies is mad honey!”

In the past, she’s infamously referred to Tamar Braxton as a muppet.


Original Story: David Adefeso, Nigerian-born businessman and boyfriend of singer Tamar Braxton, says that K. Michelle‘s recent comments about his girlfriend made him “sad.” In the couple’s YouTube show entitled Quarantined & Coupled with Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso, he says that there’s nothing more needed than unity right now but he was sad due to division between two strong black women:

What I saw this morning made me sad because I saw one strong black woman, [a] strong good-looking black woman, tear another strong, good-looking black woman down and it broke my heart.

What makes me sad is Tamar now gotta defend herself against something which is false. Against something which was concoted. Against something which was meant to defame her character. As her man, it broke my heart.

The disagreement David Adefeso is referring to started back in 2012 and seems to have recently gained new wings. At that time, Tamar Braxton insinuated her disbelief in singer K. Michelles claims that she was abused by her ex-boyfriend Memphitz, a music producer and former executive for Jive Records. From then on, the two never appeared to get back in each other’s good graces.

The feud seems to have been re-ignited after Tamar Braxton reacted to whether she’d want to do a Verzuz battle with K. Michelle.

Shortly after, K. Michelle alleged Tamar slept with Jermaine Dupri‘s father, Michael Mauldin, at some point.

It’s best that I don’t pull it out…it’s best that I don’t pull out this mouth, ’cause when I start talkin’- like, you can’t go around talkin’ ’bout nobody when you was sleepin’ with a married man! You was sleepin’ with Jermaine Dupri daddy! How you sleep with Jermaine Dupri daddy and get yo’ a** beat by Jermaine Dupri momma in a elevator?…but you wanna talk about me? I don’t f*ck with married men! Hmm. But you so holy…rice and beans and cabbage. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Tellin’ the truth. I ain’t never lied. Got drug up off that elevator. Whoop! Whoop! You know who you are! Whoop! Next!

Tamar has also taken time to respond to K. Michelle‘s recent comments but indicates she won’t give time to “negative energy:”

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Authored by: Sincerely Liz