Cardi B Leaves A Trail Of Blood In ‘Press’ Video

Cardi B Leaves A Trail Of Blood In ‘Press’ Video

“I ain’t going to jail!” Rapper Cardi B leaves a trail of blood in her latest single ‘Press‘. Released today, in the video the Bronx rapper takes inspiration from her real life court case as she is featured in a NSFW look pleading her case in court leaving a trail of bodies every where.

The ‘Please Me’ follow up video was directed by Cardi as she opens up the visuals with a shocking scene right off the bat with a threesome. The media-criticizing video follows the ‘Invasion of Privacy’ artist as she pulls out a gun with screams in the background.

The video continues in an intense court room battle appearing before a full bench of grumpy judges and upset witnesses. After the lights go out in the courtroom, Cardi leaves more fatalities while being dragged to jail in an orange jumpsuit and a huge afro.


Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette