Chief Keef Hit With Bench Warrant Over DUI Charge

Chief Keef Hit With Bench Warrant Over DUI Charge


It looks like Chief Keef is in a bit of legal trouble.

While the Chicago rapper has kept a low profile over the past couple years, it looks like he has had a couple brushes with the law. According to reports, a judge issued a $10K bench warrant for Chief Keef (born Keith Farrelle Cozart) over DUI charges after he was a no-show in court Wednesday (Nov. 2).

This all stems from a DUI charge Chief Keef received back in June 2021. According to sources, there was an outstanding warrant in that case from missing a court hearing. Law enforcement sources revealed that cops were running plates during a routine traffic stop last month and pulled Keef over for driving on a suspended or revoked license. That’s when officers saw an active warrant in the system from the DUI case, and Keef was booked and released without bail.

Chief Keef

The “Yes Sir” rapper made matters worse when he did not show up for court on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Chief Keef’s first DUI. Back in 2017, he was pulled over in Miami during a traffic stop that turned into a drug bust. Police said he failed a sobriety test and a cannabis transaction with a vehicle driving behindD them. The police charged four other people with misdemeanor possession of weed. However, Chief Keef was charged with felony DUI. Authorities claimed the rapper’s eyes were bloodshot and his mouth was dry when they approached him. Then a drug expert arrived on the scene when Keef said that he has a medical cannabis card.

He reportedly told officers,

“It’s okay. When you find weed in my urine I’ll just get my attorney to get my marijuana card.”

Despite his legal issues, Chief Keef has been busy with his music. He just dropped his new single “Racks Stuffed Inna Couch” which will be featured on his new album Almighty So 2, which will be released December 16!

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Authored by: Monique Nicole