Cardi B Slams Nicole Arbour After Comedian Accused Offset Of ‘Promoting Senseless Violence’ Following Takeoff’s Murder: Your Mother Is Going To Die 

Cardi B, Nicole Arbour, Offset, Takeoff

Cardi B Slams Nicole Arbour After Comedian Accused Offset Of ‘Promoting Senseless Violence’ Following Takeoff’s Murder: Your Mother Is Going To Die 

Cardi B was livid following Nicole Arbour’s public accusations about her husband.

Last night (Nov. 27) a Twitter war between Nicole Arbour and rapper Cardi B erupted after the comedian accused Offset of making new music about murder a few weeks after Takeoff’s death. Nicole Arbour tweeted:

“Man… few weeks after his cousin was murdered over a dice game… Offset’s making new music about shooting people and shooting places up. Not a single thing was learned.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, responded to the YouTuber, revealing that her husband of five years hasn’t been to the studio since the passing of one-third of the Migos group, Takeoff. The 30-year-old said:

“He hasn’t even been to a studio since Take died so wtf are you talking about?”

The Canadian native then shared a video the “Up” artist uploaded to her Instagram story of Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, dressed as the Joker rapping,

“Catch a body broad day. Shoot ’em in the hallway.”

While it is uncertain when the footage was recorded, Offset dressed as the Joker for Halloween this year, which was the night before Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, died (Nov. 1). Arbour continued:

“My bad y’all… @iamcardib just posted this and I was sure it was Offset rapping about murder with a fake gun. Honestly, my bad if that’s not what this video is.”

However, the 37-year-old then doubled down on her initial statement:

“Oh I said what I said. Even if that video was made before it happened, you STILL don’t see what’s happening? When u promote senseless violence in a community, you GET senseless violence in a community. It’s sad af that all these young guys are dying, something has to CHANGE.”

She added:

“I miss Tupac. -The end”

Cardi responded in a since-deleted tweet. She said, 

“Your community don’t sing about mass shooting and f*ck*n their cousins yet y’all still do it …Mind your pink neck.”

Arbour replied:

“Your brother in law was just murdered and you’re posting videos about killing people… still!?!? Like still!?!? How aren’t you getting it yet? This ain’t a joke, this is real talk. You are a damn leader and you can make change in the NAME of Takeoff.”

With a smile face emoji, Cardi said, 


Accusing the mother of two of threatening her family, Arbour replied:

“Yo wait. Did @iamcardib just threaten to murder my mom over a tweet about not promoting violence? Is this real life?”


In a follow-up tweet, Arbour wrote:

“Yo @iamcardib you gonna send some guys to beat me up in a strip club now cause the truth is inconvenient to you?? Or just drug me and steal my money? Show some damn respect and stop promoting the murder of black men.”

Cardi replied:

“The fact you trying to use the death of some1 I love to get clout is crazy …..I’m not going to do none of that ….I’m just going to pray for you.”

The back-and-forth continued when Arbour noted:

“The fact that you think it’s about that is crazy. You continue to promote the exact thing that traumatized your family. By doing that… by glorifying and edifying the murder of black men, it’s gonna keep happening!”

Cardi then posted and deleted a series of screenshots of Arbour seemingly being racist in the past. She tweeted:

“Now I’m the villian cause this b*tch provoke me and y’all ain’t like my respond… Fine I don’t care I meant it… and remember this the b*tch y’all defending.

Arbour addressed the resurfaced tweets and said:

“Oh look, the old “she’s racist because I can’t debate her” …grow tf up. I’m not racist and @KyrieIrving isn’t antisemitic either. Those tweet are fake, and this is a real issue. You keep clowning the topic of black men dying. Maybe @NICKIMINAJ can set the example then.”

A fan gave their analysis of the situation and wrote:

“Heavy on I meant it. Everybody wants to act politically correct after she mentioned family first and someone that JUST passed. That’s a very evil spirit”

Quoting the tweet, Cardi added:

“Thank you.”

Arbour quoted the former “Love and Hip Hop” star’s tweet in Spanish and, according to Twitter’s translator, she said: 

“I’ll try it in Spanish because you don’t understand it. When you promote music that’s about murder, it’s going to keep happening. Honor those we have lost by stopping the cycle of violence.”

She then ended her side of the argument by inviting the Grammy-Award winner to her show “The Arbour Affect.” She said:

“I’m gonna do an episode on this on the Arbour Affect tomorrow. @iamcardib you’re welcome to come on to chat it out. No edits. We can even do live. This is too important a topic for it to get lost as a “twitter beef.” It’s not.”

Cardi, seemingly uninterested in joining the influencer for a chat, wrapped up her side of the heated dispute by sharing a video tweeting “me right now.” The video shows a young woman intensely frustrated amid screaming “b*tch*s be getting on my f*ck*ng nerves!”

This morning (Nov. 28) Arbour continued the argument by posting a photo of Cardi’s old Balenciaga ad. Appearing to accuse the entertainer of supporting the designer brand currently facing backlash for a now-pulled ad seemingly centered around child abuse, she tweeted:

“It all makes sense.”

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t end there. Arbour then shared a video of Cardi going live to seemingly expose Arbour as a racist. After reading old posts that Arbour allegedly wrote, Cardi said:

“This is when the whole George Floyd thing was happening during the pandemic. Like this b*tch really wanted people to – look what’s going on! This the type of sh*t that y’all rallying around because oh I might took a tweet low, too low. The f*ck? She know exactly what the f*ck she was doing. Mentioning my n*gga and mentioning somebody that I care so much about that has passed. Don’t f*cking play with me. But y’all – Oh! Whatever it is for Cardi to look like the f*cking devil, we gonna rally – As long as their against Cardi we gon rally behind em’. Go ‘head b*tch!”

Cardi B

 Cardi added:

“Alright. Well anyways, bye! Oh I hope I could – And that’s the thing like, me. I ain’t Michelle Obama b*tch. When they go low I go to f*cking hell b*tch. That’s the issue. The issue with me, that’s the issue with me bro. That’s the issue with me. I know sometimes y’all be saying like ‘b*tch you be saying too much, you shouldn’t have said that.’ But you needa understand how f*ck*ng mad this b*tch was f*ck*ng getting me.”

Arbour shared the screen-recorded video and wrote:

“Yoooooo now @iamcardib is photoshopping shit with my name on it to pretend I’m racist because she wants to defend promoting the killing of black men as ok??? The f*k is wrong with you!?!? Notice she mentions the devil and being evil. Yeah. It’s alllllll showing now.”

She continued:

“I don’t even have a Facebook and @iamcardib is posting “racist” posts from my Facebook page to millions. Y’all see what these people do if you talk any sense? Try and smear you, scare you, threaten your family. Of course you’re covered in #Balenciaga The devil workin through u”

Taking back her invite from Cardi to attend her show, she added:

“Yeah @iamcardib I don’t want your photoshopping *ss on my show. Truth is you know it’s disgusting that you’re promoting violence right after a murder and instead of saying “yeah that is messed up, I shouldn’t do that” you go full psycho on me for speaking up.”

While the women were arguing, Offset continued mourning the death of his brother and friend on Instagram. Yesterday (Nov. 27) The 30-year-old posted two images of Takeoff along with a halo emoji and a rocket ship.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill