T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach Alleged Cheating Scandal Said To Not Be A Violation Of ‘GMA’ Policy, Hosts Taken Off Air To Save Face Of Network’s Brand

T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach Alleged Cheating Scandal Said To Not Be A Violation Of ‘GMA’ Policy, Hosts Taken Off Air To Save Face Of Network’s Brand

Well, it looks like we’ll be saying “goodbye” to ‘Good Morning America’ hosts T. J. Holmes and Amy Robach… for now.

Subsequent to the recent news of married anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s alleged secret love affair, ‘Good Morning America’s’ network, ABC News, has decided to pull the plug on the two’s participation in the renowned program.

T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach

According to sources, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach will no longer be holding down their 1 p.m. slot for GMA3, but (apparently) it’s not because they broke any of the Media company’s rules.

During a staff call, ABC News President Kimberly Godwin allegedly said the decision was prompted by the controversy that the viral scandal has caused… in and out of the workplace.

Godwin reportedly said,

“I want to say that, while [Holmes and Robach’s] relationship is not a violation of company policy, I have really taken the last few days to think about and work through what I think is best for the ABC News organization.”

She went on to express her wishes for the employees of ABC News to cease all chatter surrounding the unfortunate situation.

“This is something I’m not going to talk [about], we’re not going to talk about on this call until there is more to be said. I’m asking that we stop the whispering in the hallways. You know, we can’t operate with gossip, and speculation and rumors. We need to stay focused on the work.”

Allegedly, Holmes and Robach’s extramarital dealings are becoming an “internal and external distraction,” and the pair have been removed from the talk show as ABC News takes time to “figure out” what the next steps should be.

Kim Godwin (via ABC News website)

Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez were put in place to temporarily fill in for Holmes and Robach, but future substitutes are still to be decided upon.

It’s been quite the month for Holmes and Robach, who made national headlines after being caught cozied up in the streets of New York City and on a one-on-one getaway in Shawangunk Mountains. Despite (seemingly) laughing the frenzy off on set a few mornings ago, the hoopla surrounding the co-workers’ rumored romance has since caused them to take down their social media accounts.

Insiders claim that Holmes and Robach left their partners, Marilee Fiebig Holmes and Andrew Shue, in August of this year. There is word that their romantic connection commenced once they parted ways with their mates, but other reports have claimed a months-long courtship between the rumored couple.


T.J. Holmes and estranged wife Marilee Fiebig

Amy Robach with husband Andrew Shue

Additionally, to add fuel to the fire, Holmes has now been accused of carrying on a three-year relationship with Good Morning America producer Natasha Singh from 2016 – 2019. As you may know, the on-air journalist has been married to his wife, Marilee Fiebig Holmes, since 2010.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have yet to directly speak about the matter.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell