The Street George Floyd Died On Is Being Renamed After Him

George Floyd

The Street George Floyd Died On Is Being Renamed After Him

The street intersection in Minneapolis that George Floyd died on his being renamed after him, following a unanimous vote by city council.

George Floyd was a black man killed while in custody at the hands of four officers–one officer (Derek Chauvin), kneeling on his neck for over 8 minutes.  The tragic and untimely death of Floyd was captured on camera and sent the nation into a worldwide protest against racial injustice.

Derek Chauvin, George Floyd

According to reports, in early June the “Rename Chicago Avenue to George Floyd Avenue” petition was created by a group of community leaders under the name The Coalition for Justice, Peace and Love and has since garnered more than 30,000 signatures.

Minneapolis Director of Public Works, Robin Hutcheson stated in the land use application,

“The name is intended to honor George Perry Floyd Jr., who was killed on May 25, 2020.”


“The commemorative name addition will not affect addressing on the street. The signage to indicate the commemorative street naming will be placed at the intersection of 38th St E and Chicago Ave only.”

The former Minneapolis officers reportedly blame each other and are requesting separate trials while prosecutors believe that George Floyd’s family would be traumatized by multiple trials; hence requesting that they are all tried together.

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Authored by: Robin Ayers